Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Withdrawal Symptoms

About a month after I started this blog and as part of a perennial new year resolution, I stopped smoking or rather am trying to, cold turkey and all.

I believe I am slowly winning this battle and it is very difficult indeed. After all I have indulged in this unhealthy habit for more than forty years. Starting with stolen shared cigarette puffs at fifteen or so in the Big School lavatories at the Malay College in the early sixties and many years later a vain attempt to switch to pipe tobacco when I started piloting ships in Port Klang. The latter was more for effect to appear 'older' since piloting was indeed an old profession where age has always been associated with experience!

I am now having trouble concentrating when blogging, and my attention span has somewhat reduced without the damn thing sticking in my mouth. I am also having severe mental blocks to blog. But I shall persevere ...


  1. Yes, I also started somewhere in the toilets of Big School. I think it was a Rothman's "6-batang" (easy to hide version) if I remember correctly. Sigh... you've been at it twice as long. I wish you luck Cap'n, and I hope to emulate your resolve soon (or in the next twenty years!!!) Definitely before the smokoes conk me out first, that is...

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