Friday, December 08, 2006

My Home Town


Oldtimers may remember this Paul Anka hit song of the early 60's:

I took a little trip to my home town
I only stopped just to look around
And as I walked along the thorough-fare
There was music playing ev'rywhere

Well, I went back to my home town Seremban to see my 80-year old mother yesterday, but alas, there was no music playing everywhere. As the eldest amongst my siblings, I was in fact feeling a little guilty since I haven't seen her since Idilfitri, more than a month ago.

My mother now lives alone in a single-storey bungalow my late father had built more than 30 years ago in the outskirts of Seremban, next to the golf course in Ampangan. My youngest sister Rashadah also lives nearby and pops in daily to check on her.

Although she does appear healthy physically, my mother has been suffering from bouts of depression ever since my father passed away more than six years ago. She also now have lapses of memory and her itemised telephone bill showed that she hasn't been making any phone calls lately, perhaps she has simply forgotten how to. She also has trouble remembering the name of her young Indon maid and I dread the day pretty soon when she will have trouble remembering mine...

Now thats bloody depressing, if you ask me.


  1. assalamualaikum uncle, i used to live in golf heights during my primary years. was schooling at convent birch road until standard six. my father is selling the house now. the house has a courtyard, which i find very appropriate for a muslim family.

  2. Then we must have been neighbours. My mother still lives at No 24 Golf Hts. ,the end house after you turn in at the traffic lights towards the golf club.

  3. uncle, my father's is at no 21! it's just selang dua rumah!


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