Saturday, December 16, 2006

Warehouse Sale

I left the house early this morning after the weekly marketing with the memsahib for fish and veggies at the pasar tani in Kelana Jaya, hoping to be one of the early birds at a year-end warehouse sale of a leading Japanese brand name. Boy was I surprised indeed.

There were already hundreds of people ahead me in a long queue which stretched all the way to the main road in Subang. Parents with entire families, school children with cellphones, mothers pushing prams, retirees a.k.a. 'golden citizens' like moi, grandmothers and grandfathers with walking canes et al. Cars were parked haphazardly all over the quiet neighbourhood. Obviously some of them were already there at the crack of dawn.

What's with us Malaysians, always keeping an eye for good bargains and ever willing to endure the jostling and the grabbing in the hot morning sun? I could see that the schoolkids were mostly going for the electronic calculators selling for RM1 apiece and the teens for the digicams and mp3 players at give away prices. But the grannies and the grandads? Well, it sure beats me.

I made an about turn and headed for home, sans any purchase. I was rather looking forward to buy a cheap discounted digi camera. Some other time maybe.

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