Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Batu Seremban in Space

My niece Hani, now studying medicine in London and whom we all are very proud of, commented in my blog recently about the game of Batu Seremban to be played and teh tarik to be made in outer space by our future astronauts and whether these are things we should indeed boast about.

Although Seremban born and bred myself, I have only a vague idea of how this children's game is played. Something with a few pebbles thrown and caught in the hand and the winner being the child who caught the most ... or something.

I cannot recall which authority made this startling announcement but there is always a clear and present danger of light hearted statements made in jest being misquoted in the press. Having been in the trade union movement myself as president of the Klang Port Authority's Senior Officers' Association, I have had on a few occasions in the past been misquoted by the humourless press, much to my disgust and to the dismay of the Management.

But that's another story...

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  1. My friend Raj in Chennai sent me this: My wife plays this ...or rather used to Played this all her childhood. Even after marriage some times, but with dry tamarind seeds (pulian-kottai in Tamil ) or if not available -then used tiny pebbles.
    Game Rules:
    Source: Sudha ( my wife) -sat beside me and told me this.....

    1. 3 or more girls sit in a circle on the ground
    2. Take 5 tamarind seeds or pebbles in your palm.
    Throw them all in the air - quickly reverse your palm and as they fall - collect them on the FLAT, turned ( reversed side) of palm -or even on finger tips.
    Min no. you must catch is 1, 2, 4 or 5. to pass
    3 seeds is Fail -U - R -OUT

    3. Then again repeat and catch- but holding on to one and tossing rest in the air.
    Many variations inc leaving some on ground etc
    The cycles go on till you drop it or succeed.
    Time flies and -homework calls in -all kids ...
    game ends !!

    SIMPLE -FUN and also exercise in Alertness & Eye exercises (of eye muscles .......eye sight improves) .
    Simple days -simple fun -happy times.


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