Sunday, December 21, 2008

Treachery... Again

(Source: The Malaysian Insider)

Transport Minister Ong Tee Keat, who promised a couple of days ago to reveal all in the RM4.6 billion Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) debacle, offered instead a gloating testimonial of his own apparent success in revitalising the scandal-ridden project that helped force his predecessor Chan Kong Choy out of office. Read The Malaysian Insider report, here.

Ong (photo, left) told a press conference today that the PKFZ occupancy rate, employment, investment status and cargo movement have increased since the change of management in May. Occupancy rate for all facilities had also increased, with the leased office block recording the most significant increase from one per cent in March to 19 per cent as of November. For open land and light industrial unit facilities, the occupancy rate is now 18 per cent and 17 per cent respectively. Most importantly, said Ong, was the number of employees in the area which had increased from 972 to 1,659 within the last eight months.

“I still can remember when I first set foot in the area, people said this is a ghost town,” said Ong.

Well, I have got news for you, Ong. I was there a couple of weeks ago and it was still very much a ghost town. The "1659 employees" must be invincible. But I am also personally involved in helping a foreign investor friend set up a factory with 2000 workers in PKFZ to be ready by the end of next year, which I believe will be one of the biggest investments there to date. So dont give us that bull crap.

Ong has also refused to blame his predecessors Ling and Chan. “That is the question that only they can answer at that point of time,” he said.

Which brings us back to square one. If this isnt treachery and deceit, then I dont know what is.


  1. I guess the result and message of the last GE has been completely lost on the BN government.OKT's treachery and deceit has been the norm by the coalition government and this latest development is a clear indication that nothing has changed with the way they will rule this country.While we may wasted the 2008 opportunity to effect a change, I hope that we will not make the same mistake against come the next GE.

  2. Capt,

    Take care of yr health. Don't worry too much abt broken promise from BN ministers. It's no big deal to them. If they can conveniently tear apart written agreements (eg. Trengganu royalty and Guthrie share options to TS Khalid Ibr) what's there in a verbal promise. It's not in their nature to honour their words.

    from: janji

  3. Dear Captain,
    Politicians who kept all their promises are about as rare as perpetually seasick sailors.
    Welcome back!

  4. Ong Tee Keat has betrayed our trust.

    It make me think that he sold his soul to the devil(s) Ling Liong Sik, Chan Kong Choy and others to gain the support for his bid for the MCA Presidency.

    The lone ranger is not so alone.

    It is such a shame. It could be a good start to show MCA has changed and is for the people and not for the fat cats.

    Like some one said. Next general election.

  5. Captain!

    Why you think the press was called to the ghost town on a SUNDAY? An excuse I think in case if anyone asked to see the hantu workers!!

    Hai ya Ong Takut Kata... Lu olang bukan olang, hantu pun bukan hantu!!

  6. Captain,

    Thank you for giving us the other side of the story. We know we cannot trust them..not more


  7. ROTFLOL! "Ong Takut Kata" got punk'd!

  8. The master mariner has the command aboard; more powerful than any other person.

    Capt, get them aboard and do thy duty...

    I am aiyaaaa...

  9. MCA is the chinese version of UMNO...corrupted!

    Corruption is not the monopoly of UMNO alone.Now we know.

    -mca also makan-

  10. The BN leadership cannot tell the simple truth about PKFZ.

    That's why they are still resorting to a mixture of spin, half-truths and downright lies to cover up the story.

    Ong Tee Kiat just made a fool of himself

  11. This fella Ong is just one of them. Don't expect too much of him. Now it is proven as to what he is, just another politician.

  12. capt.

    pls dont feel too disappointed. he is one of the better MCA man but at the end of the day, he has to cari makan.
    this investigation is not about how PKFA has managed to get more investors. Its about abuses and corruption. Ong, do yourself a favour by just closing the file now before you lose more credibility.
    Ong, by the way, MCA is just MCA. The Most CorRUPTED aSSOCIATION, a disgrace to human kind.

  13. I saw the link to this post at de minimis.

    When it comes to credentials, it's obvious that you have them - and more - when it comes to something like PKFZ.

    It seems the government is taking us for a ride yet again. It's disappointing that they haven't learnt the lessons of the last GE. One wonders how long this type of dishonesty will go on until some leader FINALLY decide to treat us with the respect that is due.

  14. Time and time again Malaysians are led up the garden path.

    Time and time again we, for some strange reason, continue to believe that the truth will come out, that justice will be done.

    Time and time again we have placed hopes on individuals for our salvation.

    I remember the hope amongst us that Jean will whisper into her newlywed sleepyhead's ears and tell him to do what is right for the country. I remember Azlina's promise to bring closure to the 1998 CW Games accounts.
    I remember the hope we placed on the exPM to check some recalcitrants and bring some sanity to the nation.
    How we cheered when Ijat came on board the Nurin Alert bandwagon.
    How we grasped at Sharir's straws when his big PKFZ audit was done (remember his "we'll meet in Ramadan" to get to the bottom of this fiasco?).
    Hell, we even prayed for our Royalty to save us from the circling,grasping,scavenging vultures.

    And now we had hoped Ong would cut out the crap and leave the whitewash in the hardware shops.

    How they must be sniggering in their sleeves when not laughing uproariously in our faces at our naivete.

    Remember, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, or in our case all the time, shame on...

    If you go by our politicos, honesty is so, so, passe...only hardworking, taxpaying Malaysians still believe and practice it. So lets not get all excited at these white knights and their empty promises. Wherever or whenever seen tell them in their faces what exactly we think of them. No fawning. No diplomatics, no Asian values behavior. They don't deserve it.

  15. Capt.

    PKFZ is now saying that the land was bought at a high price because a "development order" has already been issued by the state.

    How come this earth shattering piece of info has only surfaced now? Why wasnt this brought to the attention of the previous PAC led by Shahril Samad?

    They must think we are all morons!

  16. Capt, I hope i can quote the title of your previous blog. Same old same old! So what do U expect from MCA? Same old Same old! OKT is no magician, just politician! Let their antics choke themselves to death!

  17. Life goes on, nothing changes, no lessons learned. Except we all know it's gonna get worse. The nasty D word is also being bandied about and Malaysians have not had that wake-up call...yet.

    These polticians (and by extension, us) are living on borrowed time. They'd better get their act together instead of glossing things over.

    Welcome back, bang. Apo lamo tak dongar. Ni ateh kapal karat kek Solat Makassar niha...

  18. Ong Tee Keat did say that he'll give a 2 parter:

    1. Chronology
    2. Findings by Price Waterhouse Coopeers (PWC)

    Now he has honoured the 1. part.

    Let's wait for the 2. part PWC report before we give him the tongues lashings.


  19. samad,

    he is spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayers trying to legitimise PKFA which is corrupted to the brim.
    we all know who is behind this. Who was the Chairman of PKA then? Now, he is a Deputy Minister who was also involved in some suspect deals in Tourism Ministry. Who issued the letters of gurantee which is beyond his AUTHORITY? We all know it straddles over 2 Minister of Transport from MCA. Who is the major shareholder behind this corrupt deal. We all know they are well connected politicians from BN.
    The end result? A MEGA INFLATED 4.7 billion project to benefit some well connected individuals. For goodness sake, dont try to hoodwink the taxpayers by engaging a professional accounting firm to conduct a study. Better save the money and donate to some deserving poors.
    Let me just say it again. MCA is MCA. Its the same corrupt party. You think ONG is any different?

  20. It is naive of some people to expect mca to exposes their own pirates.
    They wont come clean and will not owns up. Billions wasted and this is not just on PKFZ alone.
    Okay, it is not wasted but is in somebody's pocket.To say money wasted just dont sounds right.
    Ong said the number of workers increased. But are they Malaysian workers or foreign workers.
    Might as good as he never answered the PKFZ .

  21. Them MCA are a bunch of scallywags and slimeballs, same as their brethren in UMNO. You don't change the party - the party will change you.


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