Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Kelana Jaya Park

Every morning (well almost, anyway, unless it rains) after completing my blog and promptly at 0630 hours, I will usually don my track suit, put on my fake Reeboks and grab my walking stick* to do a few tawwafs around the lakes in Kelana Jaya Park, near where I live. I will usually indulge in brisk walking (no jogging... dont want any surprises) just enough to work up a sweat and prefer the mornings when the air is much cooler, carbon monoxide free and there are less people about. My wife will usually join me a little later.

I am also a committee member of Friends of Kelana Jaya Park, an NGO committed to turn the park into one of the best in the country. We do carefully benchmark and monitor the overall cleanliness of the water in the lakes and also the environment.

Kelana Jaya Park

Also every morning I will join my now almost regular walking companion, the formidable MP from Kepong who will religiously pick up every piece of litter carelessly thrown around instead of in the waste bins by children and fish poachers the day before. My heart will usually go out to the Yang Berhormat as he laments the apparent lack of civic consciousness amongst Malaysians in general and wonders whether enough is being done to teach our children the proper values in schools, etc.

I do so often wonder myself, especially when other elected representatives do not often go dang down da padang (to echo an old MCKK classmate) or appear to really givashit about these things ...

* My dear wife had insisted on this as a 'deterrent' weapon of sorts more than anything else, since its usually still dark when I step out of our condo.


  1. Capt,
    reading your post really inspires me to get back in my shoes and shed those inches off me waist!
    I used to run 10k's every Thursday, as far back as 2004!
    But its been a while since I joined the Hash...
    Lately, I have been trying to get back in in, and reading that you are up at 0630 really gives me that little push.
    I drop my wife off at work every morning at 5.45, before heading back to bed, and by 0610 hrs, I should already be in dreamland, part 2!
    Waking up at 0720 and out by 0740 to drop off number 2 before clocking in for the day.
    You have just triggered me to stretch the mornings......

    p.s, probably need some help in getting this treasurer thingy on the road too for NAB...can I thank you in advance??

  2. No problem. Your pro tem committee will first need to prepare a constitution and get approval from the registrar of societies (ROS), I think.

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