Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Well, steady as she goes and full speed ahead ...

I have been mulling over this for quite some time, starting a blog (short for weblog), that is. A log or logbook is essentially a nautical term and we mariners have enough experience in maintaining one.

Why am I doing this? Well, for one it sure beats the hell out of vainly trying to write, publish (and sell!) my memoir or autobiography. Speaking of autobiographies, Prof. John Kenneth Galbraith of Harvard University once wrote: 'Books can be broken broadly into two classes: those written to please the reader and those written for the greater pleasure of the writer.'

So here, I must confess that the pleasure is strictly mine.

Now that I have started I am at quite a loss for words. So perhaps I shall begin with a few saved postings to a few yahoogroups forums in the past...


  1. Way to go !! Skipper. :-)

  2. Allo' allo' mon capitaine, think of something more creative dah for you blog name.

    How about Old Sea Dog (or in BM, Anjing Laut Tua!)

    Heh, heh, you want comments, take some.


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