Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bloggers Spot

I went to PJ Section 14 for lunch with Mat Salo to meet fellow bloggers yesterday. The place was indeed a bloggers spot and everyone was there including Rocky, Kickdefella, Zorro-unmasked et al. The mee rebus, a treat by Tony a.k.a "alliedmartster", was delicious.

Me and 'Rocky' (Photo courtesy Mat Salo)

The camaraderie was indeed fantastic. I was feeling a bit apprehensive at first, especially being the new kid on the blog, I wasn't exactly a spring chicken like the rest. With Anu calling me "uncle" and Nuraina kissing my hand reverently didnt really help matters but I was reassured by Zorro that he was indeed my abang, being at least several years my senior.

I suppose it makes perfectly good sense for all of us to join forces, especially now that our very existence is under threat. So as I keep saying, watch this space.


  1. Ahoy Capt,
    Just to set the record straight.
    The treat was from Nuraina...
    I have this habit of settling my own bills whenever it comes to a big group...don't want to impose!
    I am all for a free meal! Ha ha...
    So sorry, can't take credit for the beautiiiiiiful Mee Rebus treat!

    The company? GReeeeeeat as usual.
    We hung around after lunch though..for a while...

    C ya again? Klang perhaps?

  2. Hi Capt

    All Black for All Blogs!

    Great to meet you. We should chat the next time.

  3. allied;

    Whoops my mistake. Will make amends next time.

    a voice:

    You must be the guy in the All Blacks t-shirt. Thanks for including me in yr directory.

  4. Dear Mariner,

    I clicked you through 3540 Jalan Sudin recently and I must say I like your writing. So, welcome to the blogsphere.

    I hope to see you soon during one of the meetings. Take care now

  5. Hello Captain, I was at Nuraina's blog and I saw your comment. I am new to the blogosphere and have been hopping around (like an Easter bunny) in search of blogs to read. I will keep your blog in mind.

    I wait for the day to visit Malaysia again. Miss the 'saudara-mara' in Klang! Hopefully I get to meet some bloggers next time.

  6. Thank you, all. My cup has now truly runneth over.

    Will try to make it again next Tuesday kalau tidak ada aral melintang ... dan membujur.

  7. Hi Capt

    Nice that you could make it the other day at Kafe 14 & to have met you in person.

    Have a nice weekend.

    p/s. So we are neighbours huh? Tis a small world indeed!

  8. Dear Capt Ancient Mariner,
    Welcome to Blogging world,somehow the age doesnot matter in this blogosphere.
    I cant imagine a chance meeting with someone of your experience in my line of work
    My Great grandfather and his father before him,my grandfather and my late father were all mariners who sailed along the coast of Thailand,Combodia and Vietnam....they resided in Pulau Duyong thus the homage to the named island.
    Always have a soft spot for mariners...

    Looking fwd to Mee Rebus session with you Sir.


  9. Captain Sir,

    It was a pleasure meeting you. Hope to see you again at the cafe.


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