Thursday, April 05, 2007

When things dont work ...

It has been more than three days and my family and I have had to trudge up and down the stairs daily to our 5th floor unit in our 12 storey condominium block. Both the lifts or elevators have broken down after being struck by lightning during heavy rain a few days ago and I truly sympathize with those with very young children and the elderly on the upper floors. A very lethargic management doesn't seem to help much and we owners cannot yet take over building management because we have still not received our separate strata titles after almost nine years. Another victim of bureaucratic Malays ... there I have said it again. And we are supposed to be in a "fully developed" state?

Friends of Kelana Jaya Park, a NGO of which I am very much involved in are now left to our own devices and have to look for our own funds after being cut off from a very small international funding program. The reason? Well, Selangor has been declared as a "fully developed" state by the MB, so they have decided that we dont need any help.

I wonder why do we continue to elect mentally challenged kampung politicians with foot in the mouth disease.


  1. I'm back Cap'n! Sempat pulak "rub flesh" with the galaxy of superbloggers last Tuesday in Sect. 14 (Yes, Ms Nas' place) on way to see my Mum, we'll make it a point to go next week how? Can pick you up if you like... Sorry hear abt the lifts 'n all. Happened to me once kat Bdr Sri D'sara dulu... hopefully the upside is youo get that extra dose of exercise...sorry, bad joke.

  2. Not sure if I can count myself as a 'superblogger' but to meet and 'rub flesh' with others sounds rather intriguing. So give us a holler, or an SMS will do.

  3. Hello Sir :o)

    While blog-hopping, found your blog. I hope the elevator working now.

    Keep on blogging :o)

  4. Hi Cap'n Sir,

    so sorry to hear about the lifts. this is the thing about living in condos and apartments... (when the stata titles aint yours yet), you are at the mercy of the building management. i know what it's like having to trudge up the stairs....
    hope, they're working by the time you get this comment.

    take care.

    (do join us on Tuesdays for me rebus! in section 14 at Kafe 4-teen, just opposite the mosque. Yes..Mat Salo can pick you up)

  5. The lifts are OK now. Thanks for visiting and you dont have to call me 'sir'... makes feel truly ancient ... haha.

  6. Sorry about that :o)

    Thank you for visiting my blog. BTW, how should I address you? Would 'Captain' be ok?

  7. I guess so, as long as its not 'wak' which some of my Javanese crew used to call me ...


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