Thursday, October 18, 2007

PAC visits PKFZ

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) led by chairman Dato Shahrir Samad visited the scandal ridden Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) in Pulau Indah today. Watch above Malaysiakini video from You Tube. (Click on arrow to play).

PAC could not have seen much development taking place and I can gather from Shahrir's tone of voice that he wasn't very impressed although he must have been told that everything was peachy and according to plan, i.e. mengikut perancangan. There is also the Attorney General's testimony in the offing about procedures and questions about the land procurement.

Was the bail-out oso 'according to plan', meh?


  1. Thanks for posting the video Captain Yusof. PKFZ looks like cash cow and white elephant rolled into one.
    Nothing seems to be happening at the PKFZ until now.
    There are still billions of unanswered questions awaiting clear honest answers.
    A Royal Commission would most likely be the only way to ensure that truthful answers were obtained; however since the PAC is still working on the case, best to allow them time to complete their task. After that the outcome can be fully accessed and the way forward charted.

  2. its as clear as daylight the hanky panky in this PKA scandal; from land acquisition to inflated construction cost.
    surely there was also an abuse of power with the issuance of the guarantee by the ministry of transport without proper sanction by the MOF. Cabinet final ok to bail-out was after the fact.
    any person with a semblence of intelligence can smell corruption. the rationale about national interest with this PKA development is just an after thought to cover their corrupted tracks. Did this so called clean PM promised us no bail-out and has he forgotten about his anti-corrupt slogan. Guess its the same story. selective application again.

  3. Captain Yusof,
    See how guarded is the speech by PC chairman. It's obvious that he doesnt want to rock the boat as the larger part of the excess payment must have been for considered for 'contribution' to certain parties for the coming election. Ain't that good enough reason to overcharge everything?

  4. Hi, you have a great blog here.

  5. hanafi:

    many thanks for the visit. Best of luck in yr business endeavors.

  6. So the PAC's PKFZ visit becomes the progress report and we, peasants, are supposed to lap it up as the BN government's transparentness and accountability being exercised.

    I don't think so.

    So let's see what happens with the Attorney-General's testimony on the land acquisition proposals. And I recalled there was the Auditor-General's 2003 report which stated the project was 'financially insolvent'.

    Wonder how they're gonna spin that one, eh Capt.

    P.S. Didn't watch the vid. It would have given me heartburn.

  7. capt, the other day while having my 'teh si', I heard some interesting comments being made on the PAC's visit to the ZONE. It would appear that the newest kid to enter the ZONE was put to the grill. Poor guy, how would he know anything when even the 20% V.O. was spent even b4 the project took off? PAC members should know better, if not then the whole exercise was a 'goner' day one! I now know why the traditional wayang kulit could not attract so many people, when you such wayang being put up for all to see. Maybe without opening this wound, the country could have saved that few dollars now being spent on PAC. I wonder why the power that be, is so cock-sure that the people would continue to believe them after all these 'happenings'. As I have said I had to eat my humble pie after the last round of GE. And I had to bear lectures each time I attended my Qi Qong sweat out, because it is 'mandatory' we had to attend what is going to happen come next GE. Even one veteran of the ruling group party had decided to buy tickets for those who would follow him to the pay-yourself dinner talks in your old home town! I was surprised becos he had been doing 4 the 'rulers' all these years! I acn see the frustrations written all over his old face! So long ,capt, we shall wait and SEE.


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