Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Whither PAC?

OK, so I was wrong.

I must confess I was greatly encouraged at the outset by the fact that a couple of senior members of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) appeared convinced that there was no way that the perpetrators in the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) debacle could escape what was coming to them. Suffice to say that I am very disappointed now though I am not that naive to have expected anything much. Quite evidently there were greater forces at play. Also in question is the lack of political will and precise terms of reference for PAC to make it truly effective so as to provide the necessary checks and balance for the whole system.

So Shahril, before you expose yourself further as a liar and a cad (in the holy month of Ramadan too) and a poor excuse for a chairman of PAC, please get the Attorney General to explain why the PKFZ land was acquired at such an exorbitant price. We are quite sure now what his learned answer will be, beyond any shadow of doubt.

Perhaps the only way out of this wayang kulit farce is to press for the setting up of more independent Royal Comissions of Inquiry (RCI) but then again, past experience has also shown that RCIs are really no guarantee as panacea for the country's ills. But it is a start and definitely a step in the right direction.


  1. Capt Yusof
    I understand how you feel being betrayed by the supposedly untainted and upright Sharir. Surely, the ECM-Avenue Assets merger episode would have given you the hint that Sharir is just a pawn to sanctify the corrupt acts of the UMNO elitist via PAC. Look at the personalities ( comprising UMNO treasurer, MP from Bintulu and MCA fellas) behind this PKA scandal and you know that his hands are tied. Guess, Sharir's hint that he will be leaving PAC after the next election will do him some good as his conitnued association with Badawi and his gang of looters will only further soiled his reputation.
    Where do we go next, Capt Yusof. Whatever, gotta fight on to prvent this country descending into abyss. Keep posting Capt and meantime may be we should make more efforts to disseminate this dastardly act to all our friends. Let the public know that this government is not as clean and religious as portrayed by the present administration.

  2. This was my comment on your blog of Sept 7. My deep apologies for repeating it...but shysters like this subject are so "transparent" that their latent intentions are obvious to all except the really naive.

    "We will be meeting LPK officers again during the fasting month to further clarify issues surrounding the PKFZ,” he said.

    Note he said fasting month, not September or October. Why? That we have to believe that he is really serious and will not play around this matter during this holy month? That he is warning those responsible for this fiasco to remember what month it is, so please be honest? That we don't know what a red herring is?

    This is all about trying to garb yourself with the halo of holiness hoping to put people off the scent.

    I dont' want to be churlish about this (you know, the semua tak betul syndrome) and think that anything positive will come out of this, though by now I, like many others, have many good reasons to be..."

    So now as we sink deeper and deeper into this abyss, tell me does anyone still harbor (pun intended)any hopes that honesty, responsibility, patriotism, and yes, fear of God figure at all in the grand schemes of these tricksters?

  3. Captain Yusof,no matter what, the fight must continue from all fronts, your blog is contributing greatly to the just cause. However the ballot box is the only sure way to rid Malaysia of the filthy scum that now feather their own nests. If the elections are free and fair we should see big changes at the next election, however the people need to know the truth and wake up from their indifferent stupor.
    It is evident that the BN government is rotten to the core, from top to bottom. The greedy, corrupt, two-faced, lying, cheating,irreverent pseudo-religious hypocrites who occupy positions which make up the elected government should be kicked out at the next election, and then all the subservient self-serving civil servants should be weeded out and sacked. Then, and only then, Malaysia has a chance to emerge from the abyss it is now entrenched in. Failing this the future is bleak indeed.

  4. capt karim

    you have a way with adjectives in describing the powers-that-be. not that I disagree with you, I wish my vocab is as expansive as yours. yup in any normal democratic country, the ballot box is one of the keys but then for malaysia this avenue is locked out as the main governance arms from the police, judiciary, and to the ACA are all under the thumbs of the executive. if not for this, I am sure they will not be so blatant with their plundering. yes, they are also so unbelievably arrogant especially from Nazri with his usual barrage of venoms and show of invincibility.
    maybe A ROYAL COMMISSION as suggested by capt yusof will be a better starter to cleanse up the governance arms. then and only then will the ballot box be given a fair chance.
    what say you capt karim or/and capt yusof.

  5. Anon., I total concur with your view, this is part of my comment on 2 Oct. to "A Right Royal Mess"
    "The only effective remedy would be fully independent Royal Commissions of Inquiry into these two scandals and all the others which have occurred. There are, it seems, lots of others in the pipeline too, such as PGCC, the Penang Second Bridge, the North, South, and East Super Corridors, etc. The rape of Malaysian wealth is continuing unabated, it must be stopped by the people!"
    Unity is strength, the people must be together, the divide and rule tactics of BN must be ignored.

  6. Just wondering, Capt.

    Will the PAC approach JAFZA for their version on how things turned out? After all, JAFZA was an aggrieved party to this debacle and am quite certain, they have loads of privy information on their hands. But then again, the PAC's terms of reference may not allow it such latitude.

    Failing which, is there any chance you can contact JAFZA directly? Or via the person (reporter from Sun?) who obtained the 'JAFZA' leads?

    P.S. Very soon, you'll need to set up a glossary of acronyms on this PKFZ thingy, eh Capt.

  7. PAC has no motivation to approach any body very relevant to the case. As we say 'hanya melepas batuk di tangga' and a sham. They clearly were not out to nab anybody and playing for time. But I am interested to hear what AG has to say about the land deal.

    JAFZA may not want to burn bridges, why should they, after all they can still go laughing all the way to the bank.

  8. capt, my heart cries with you.In the 70s, we could still complete with our 'friendly' neighbor; and by the 80s, with politicians running the port, we knew we were fighting an up hill battle; with the so-called privatization,notwithstanding all the howlings of sucess which would come to be no different to the TOLL, which will call for further rates increase to be paid by local shippers, we became not also ran, we lost our underwears! Now your beloved LPK is indebt to a tune of rm$Billions and our 'friendly competitor' is not only the second largest operator in the world; they also borught 20% of Hutchinson which in turn owned 30% of Westport, so much for the pride of the GRandMaster who must be choking in his own saliva! So much for the BODEKLAND! Capt, it is sad; all our sweats literally washed down the Klang river. And all our past bosses who held our 'underwears' to save for the long term interests of LEMBAGA!Whatever it has to be,I pray that you take care of yourself and your family for the Festive season. Do drop by for a cup of 'Teh Si'.

  9. Bang Cap't!

    Why are they skirting around the issue? For God's sake, why can't they just admit on how they got to that riduculous valuation instead of pussyfooting around? Is there something worse that the public isn't allowed to know about? C'mon PAC! Do your job!

  10. Captain, RM 1 bill is spend on land and RM 3.6 bill is on contracts that are unnecessary, overpriced and and awarded with no tenders. Because of this we are saying this group of people , politicians and administrator in PKA plundered the country. The Govt must come forward to explain this transparently. Pak Lah this is your Goverment. Pak Lah when you accepted the job as the PM in Parliament you were close to tears. I recall you said it is heavy responsibiliy and at the end of the day in taking the job you are anccountable to God, or words to that effect( i wish someone will put this up in youtube) I now ask you, do you mean what you said or that like most other politicians religion to you is just a political tool for the job. You not only failed in your office but you misused the religion as well. In our eyes you are part of this "band of looters." Yes we have to judge you harshly and you accepted that when you took office.

  11. anon 6.26

    well, i was conned by his promise just like many others and in doing so, give him the largest mandate to govern this country. after 4 damn years, we see the true colours of him. he is part of the scam to loot the country and the main difference this time he hides behind his brand of religion called islam hadhari.
    does he care about the nation especially those lower income group. you can judge by his actions.
    he tells us that the government cant afford the oil subsidies anymore, and therefore price of petrol has to go up. the toll rate has to go up else the government has to compensate which the government ill affords to now. he pretends he understand the plight of the low income group and ask the public to adjust their lifestyle to soften the impact from the higher inflation.
    meantime, he travels in his new airplane which was bought and refurbished for RM200.0 million. He throws RM600.0 million to his UMNO divisional heads. He allows his UMNO treasurer and the band of looters to screw RM4.6 billion ( mind you, its billion) out of the KPA scandal. He allows the RM6.75 billion naval screw-up ( mind you, billions again). and the list of abuses go on right under his nose. And he promised us a clean government!
    Tell you this, I wouldnt even touch him with a ten foot pole come next election.

  12. I admired Shahrir, the young turk who turned his back on Umno after the failure of the party's Team B to topple Dr Mahathir. He won the JB by-election on the Semangat 46 ticket, the only time the city of Umno's birth had fallen into Opposition hands. The young Shahrir was idealistic, vibrant, honest - I thought.

    But these last 3 years, bro, he's lost me. The PKFZ may be his salvation but that's really up to him.

  13. attan

    there's a chinese saying. "you mix with the ink, you get darkened eventually".
    like i said earlier, he is gonna resign from the PAC post soon and the saving grace is that he will be able to salvage the little credibility left in him. in any event, when was the last time a politician ( in the ruling party) cares about credibility except to protect his position and the largesse that comes along.

  14. Capt. after reading Anon 6.26, i must make this confession, like him 4 yrs ago,i told a group of friends in tai chi practice that this MAN was GOD fearing and they should follow me to give him the mandate. It was agreed but they also made me promise that should he failed to live up to everyone's expections, i.e. to say doing things for the GOOD of the country, then come next GE, I would have to do otherwise. Now that all these things had come to pass, his fears of the ALMIGHTY are just words and nothing more, it certainly look like I have to eat my words and come GE, I would do what i had agreed ,

  15. .

    so much money involved, enough to rid of poverty in our country. ah well, make hay while the sun shines. i also think that we could bring money into kubur and slip some of it to mungkar and nangkir. otherwise, why do some people steal like mad? there must be a reason....




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