Saturday, August 23, 2008

Far Too Many Coincidences

Once is happenstance.
Twice is coincidence.
Three times is Enemy Action!
(from Goldfinger by Ian Fleming)

Thank you, Anwar Ibrahim.

The enemy is now running scared. Petrol is suddenly now down by 15 sen per litre (and bananas at this morning's pasar tani in Kelana Jaya was up a whopping 100%!). But Pak Lah still says its just a coincidence and not a populist move aimed at shoring up his flagging popularity, nor was it intended to help swing votes in the Permatang Pauh by-election. (Read the Malaysiakini report, here).

But its just too many bloody coincidences of late and I have lost count how many. He must think we are stupid.

And Najib says the government might reconsider issuing rebates if the people do not appreciate its initiatives to help reduce their financial burden. Sheeesh.

Meanwhile, the annual inflation rate soared to a new 27-year high of 8.5 percent in July, way above analyst forecasts for 7.8 percent in a Reuters poll, and sharply up from 7.7 percent in June.

Pure coincidence, old bean.


  1. We have become coincidental country. The trouble is that they think we are stupid and that's their main sickness.

  2. Firstly, we must thank Wan Azizah for resigning, and bye-election was called. If not for this we would still be paying RM2.70 per ltr. Who said the resignation is a waste of public fund. And it came before the month's end, contrary to earlier indication. They can't wait to give the entire rakyat (not just those in Ptg Pauh) this benefit. How caring!!! See how low is their estimation of the people intelligence. PP voters, can you be bought for RM0.15? But don't worry, after 26 Aug they will look for the flimsiest of excuses to raise it again. Tak boleh lama2, nanti bankrap M'sia ni!!

    frm: can't be bought

  3. capt., as you have rightly said, the word coincidence has been used every where!I didn't know her! when shown photographs, Oh! conincidental. I didn't know him, I sympathized his agony! when shown proof of the truth, OH! coincidental! what the F... is going on? Malaysians that simple minded!!And now the harassment on RPK! Such actions will induce even the most neutral Malaysians away from BN, you can bet on that. And I know of many who have second thoughts on DSAI have decided just to support him out of this feeling of unfairness!! In the name of wiping out corruption, all opposition members are investigated upon a simple report, while for those in power we never saw the daylight of any report!! The more such behaviours is done, then you be rest assured the direction where BN would go.

    Erratic and inconsistent PM Abdullah Badawi, who a day ago surprised the nation by trimming fuel prices earlier than had been stated earlier, was quoted as stating:

    "the 5.6% cut in fuel prices was not a populist move aimed at shoring up his flagging popularity, nor was it intended to help his ruling coalition swing votes in the Permatang Pauh by-election".

    Coincidently, Otto von Bismarck said:

    "Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied."

    As for pink-lipped DPM Najib, well, he is behaving liked a spoiled brat who cannot get his own way.
    He is totally unfit to be DPM, and should he ever become PM then Malaysia will be in even deeper shit!

  5. Don't you get this feeling that Badawi hasn't really gotten over his childhood days? Or maybe he never really had a childhood that you and I would have had.

    The games he plays are those you would have found to be funny and possibly enjoyed when you were naughty and were just being a pest to your friends and neighbours.

    Like calling fox when there is none. Like saying no, no, no, and in fact its a yes. Like saying no girlfriend, and then you are walking down the aisle. Like until the very end you say no election. Well, there was no election accouding to your morning papers anyway. Then you call an election with an erection before lunch is prepared. You say no decrease in petrol prices until end of the month, and so I go and fill up a full tank, and then you tell me a couple of hours later petrol price down at mid-night.

    I am beginning to feel sorry for this town idiot. Yes we all played this game. But the last time I played such a game I was probably 10 then.

  6. Sekejap flip, sekejap flop..I am waiting for the old geezer to 'flop' for good, for everyone's sake.


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