Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tok Bali

Tok Bali

I am off with a few fellow warga emas (lit. "golden citizens") early tomorrow morning to a Tok Bali beach resort in Pasir Putih (lit. "white sands"), Kelantan on the east coast - the land of warrior Tok Janggut. We are going to be beach bums and will be strictly incommunicado for the next few days ...

So eat your hearts out, ya poor sods.

Be back Friday.

Beach Bum


  1. Yes, we certainly are poor sods ... indeed, when you will be out gallivanting on the beach making cinta berahi, eh? :)

    Kirim salam sama Zawi, Bang. Also sheih if you see him. And say hello too to the kbguy...

    Have fun!

    -from a poor sod in the swamp-

  2. *nostalgic*
    Working in Kelantan a few years back, I only managed to visit this place twice.
    Staying near beach is a pleasure that I think many people there take for granted..*envy*
    Have a nice time.

  3. You bad boy, bad boy!

  4. Captain,
    No wonder j.t. referred to you as a beach bum when she commented on the gathering at my site!
    I would have gone to the islands of Perhentian (30 mins by speed boat from Tok Bali) for a swim in the crystal clear water around the island. At the same time you can feast your eyes on those lovely bodies sunning themselves on the soft sand. I see no evil in that hehehehehe.

  5. Hai YA,
    You look sexy there, topless, have a good time.

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA ! Sorry lah Abang , tengok gambar tu nak tergelak sunggoh.Sebijik macham Warga Mas Shah Rukh Khan ! Happy Beach Bumming !

  7. My Kg..10minute to Tok Bali...hahaha..beach boy are captain..


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