Sunday, January 18, 2009

East Coast Disaster

For the ruling Barisan Nasional, that is.

Although he has dismissed it only as a 'minor setback', losing a parliamentary 'buy" election in a Malay heartland again must surely be very painful for PM-in-waiting Najib, who had tirelessly led the BN campaign in Kuala Terengganu. And if even MCA's Ong Takut Kata is convinced when he 'was told' that the KT Chinese support for BN has actually increased, then its either these BN people are just thick or in a permanent state of denial.

Even Ku Li, here, has called the loss more than a "referendum" on the leadership. "We lost because of a national problem. The rakyat reject UMNO in its present form and style, and they reject its leadership," he said. But the immediate response from the leadership, yet again, is that "this should not be interpreted as voters having spurned BN".



  1. Captain,
    They will never learn. Should they carry on their old way, we may have to register a new UMNO (Baru Terbaru) to take over and rid of all the excess baggage.

  2. Kapt.,

    Grapes are always sour.Anyhow rakyat memang dah meluat dengan UMNO/BN.

    Tahniah untuk Terangganu.

  3. Captain,
    They still don't see it!
    Perhaps they and us are living on different planets.

  4. Hi AM: Reprise thy "Sheeesh..." to BN-UMNO and MCA diehard fans living on the bank of ribber de Nile. Let 'em c'untinue til Dommsdie!:(:(:(:( 4 curses cos "sei"-liau-liau for those ostriched heads of BN components. Najib Alta whowho? Ong Takut who2?

    ToKT voters: Shieh, Shieh! Terima kasih! ThankQ You from a Malaysian chinoSIRie Furongknight! -- Desi

  5. Capt thank god that there malays like you and others who wish that Malaysia be saved from these vultures.hidup MALAYSIA TANAH AIR KITA N GOD BLESS.

  6. Capt,

    At the end, TRH mentioned "We are in uncharted waters with no one at the wheel".

    For an old salty, that phrase must have been biting words for you.

    *Will somebody sound off the foghorn*

  7. I said it again... the RAKYAT has totally and determinedly reject the "corrupt to the core UMNO/BN". Period.


  8. Hi Capt Yusof - I take up Tengku Razaleigh's analysis and add a viewpoint in my newly established blog

    Do visit and post a comment.

  9. Captain

    The "buy" election...


    That's a gem. You are an innovative wordsmith.


  10. How do BN want to know that the rakyat dont want them? If not voting for them is not acceptable, then what is acceptable.

  11. Capt,

    The voters of KT had restored what's rightfully PAS'. How cud Pas lose in March 2008 when 3 out of 4 DUNs were captured by them. I sense a dirty trick to deny Mat Sabu. Najib said immediately after nomination day that the outcome of the 'buy'-election shud not be regarded as referendum for BN top leaders. This is clear evidence that Najib is not confident of winning becoz he knew very well that the March victory was not genuine.

    Frm: KT watcher


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