Saturday, January 31, 2009

On-Off KLIA East

The controversial proposal for a new RM1.6 billion low cost carrier terminal (LCCT) at KLIA East @ Labu has apparently been shelved following a meeting yesterday between DPM Najib and the two key project proponents - budget carrier AirAsia and conglomerate Sime Darby. This again is after a public hue and cry similar to the one I mentioned earlier in my previous blog. It possibly has also become too costly politically for the administration who must have feared a backlash. (Read The Malaysian Insider [TMI] report, here)

“The DPM played the role of an honest broker. He did not take sides but wanted to make sure that national interest was served. This could only happen if the new LCCT was built in KLIA but Air Asia’s legitimate interests and concerns were addressed,” a government official told TMI.

With the recent IJN brouhaha safely tucked under his belt, Najib must now be relishing his role as a so-called public saviour. But then the question which must be asked is why wasnt the parties involved forced to the negotiating table earlier? As pointed out by TMI, this episode certainly raises some serious questions over decision-making in the government.


  1. I am glad that the government decided to shelve the KLIA East. I hope there is no flip-flop over this. Having two airports too close to each other is frightening to air travellers.

  2. Captain,
    The DPM is the 2nd leader of the government.He has a part in the government's agreement for the Labu LCCT. Now after the public hue & cry he wants to appear as the "honest broker" for national interest!
    You forgot to interject your favourite "sheesh"!

  3. capt., the US has already gone kaput based on 100% capitalism doctrine and now the champion capitalists are crying for Gomen support! If Airasia and Sime are sure cocksure of this project and are willing, especially the main share holders of the companies to try their luck, we shouldn't be too bothered. As I see it, the Gomen is gonna will be asked to act
    an insurance provider, this we should protest! To those with common sense,the project will kaput even before it begins. Why can't they consider Subang as a LCCT? and connect it through KMT and LRT through out the Greater Klang valley. Isn't the cheap airline is suppose to provide convenience and economy to the average travellers? This is another 'piratization' started on private funding but will land on MOF's plate again. Malaysia Bloeh!

  4. Whatever decision taken will not help until and unless MAHB is professional managed and to get rid of the existing ex-Air Traffic Controllers and previous DCA Executives turned MAHB Managers,,,,which is the root cause of this issue. I don't blame Air Asia cas. its most frustrating to get things done with MAHB,,,I have had similar bad experience with my dealings with them since MAHB was created.
    In fact, all the Govt. Dept. and Agencies should be reviewed accordingly.



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