Friday, March 27, 2009

Winners and Losers

An anonymous reader wrote a one-liner in my blog recently: "Kamulah Melayu yang akan meranapkan bangsa sendiri". He didnt elaborate on how he came to this earth shattering conclusion so I consigned his remark to the trash bin.

It didnt strike this twit that UMNO, a party corrupt to the core, has lost its moral authority to govern the country and are destroying the Malays.

Najib, Muhyiddin, Hishamuddin, Zahid and that Sabah fellow whatshisname. A "dream team", my ass.

A big bunch of delusional and misguided 'youths' with Class F contractors and mat rempit mindsets elected Khairy Jamaludin, found guilty of "money politics" - a glorified term for bribery and corruption if you ask me, as the new UMNO Youth head. This makes him a prime candidate for a post in Najib's new cabinet.

The others voted in UMNO's Majlis Tertinggi are nobodies who do not really inspire much confidence, either.

Winners all perhaps but the losers are definitely the rakyat.

And former prime minister Tun Dr M did indeed vow that he will work to oust incoming premier Najib should he appoint "corrupt leaders" in his cabinet.

Over to you, Tun.


  1. Hi Captain

    "UMNO, a party corrupt to the core, has lost its moral authority to govern the country and are destroying the Malays."

    I share your sentiments exactly. I want to propose a better alternative to the UMNOPutras exploitative Ketuanan Melayu that is causing so much despair.

    If you could spare the time, do come and visit my blog and leave your thoughts. Thank you!

  2. marah sangat captain nampaknya.. saya suka dengan sokongan kuat kepten kepada anwar ibrahim, karpal, dan rakan-rakan yang Islam yang lain.. pedulikan UMNO.. kepten pejuang pembangkang yang sejahtera...

    DSAI Supporter

  3. hey zed or is it cia ka liow if Malaysia had more Malays like capt,rpk n harris we won't be in the shit we are in.Today we are going to be lead by a tainted fellow whom the world presses are talking about.

  4. Captain

    I cannot agree with you more. UMNO has lost its moral compass to further the interests of the Malays, less so of the nation.

    UMNO lost its balls to rid off money politics. They marginalised their elder statesmen like Ku Li, Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen and Rai Yatim etc.

    Why should a group of Malays of only about 3 million members (most not even paid members) whose interest is to pocket duit haram, decides the fate of about 18 million Malays in the country.

    The Malay masses especially our hard working kampung folks should be apprised of what is going in UMNO and get them to wake up to the reality facing their future and that of their future generations.

    UMNO has too narrow world view in protecting the Malay interest, it is short sighted, short term and self serving, which in the medium to long term, would jeopardise the Malay community's livelihoods. The Malay community will be forever a crutch-holding society with UMNO at the help. Berdikari will be a forgotten word in the Malay dictionary.

    The Malays will never be a self-reliant community, able to resolve its own difficulties to survive the competitive onslaught of the word's economy as long as the Malay masses still thinks that UMNO is their saviour.

    With a globalised economy and a world without economic boundaries, UMNO is the wrong party to lead the country or to be the guardian and steward of the Malay community's interest.

    UMNO is a fox among the sheep.

  5. Zed Zachary tu gigolo UMNO & Mat Rempit... Melayu tp pakai nama omputeh...Maknanya Melayu celup lah tu....... Saya Orang Melayu, Saya ahli United Malays National Organization...Kah..Kah..Kah... UMNO bukan orang melayu lahh...Zed Zachary ( nama sebenar Kasim Pantelon!)

  6. They are just a bunch of old dogs with old tricks, nothing exciting will happen.

  7. Sayuti Omar ejen Fitan Anwar

    Baca di sini

  8. I'm not so much angry as sad at the mess UMNO and the Malays in UMNO are making of Malay honour and dignity.

    Whether we like it or not the whole race is implicated because of UMNO's S--T! It appears as though the Malays are either corrupt or corruptible!

    Sebab nila dua tiga titik, susu sebelanga habis jahanam!

    The Malay niceness and "maruah diri" and "maruah bangsa" have been eroded by the very people that scream out their "ketuanan"!

    Malay "adat" and "adab", "budi bahasa" and "sopan santun" are meaningless when the people are no longer respected as a race.

    Malay "ketuanan" has become a bad word!

    (See ninitalk for further discussions on this and add your comments)

  9. Ancient Mariner
    UMNO has "sapu" too much and almost everything, and even "sapu" those righfully belonging to other Malaysians. "The "sapu" is done through all sorts of cunning manipulations and now through plain day light robbery. Malaysia has enough for everyone's needs but not UMNO's greed. One classic example is the chap from Rembau who was black listed and yet could stand for party's election. Sic ! Don't worry about what others say about you. Continue to write the truth. The cyber space is free, at least.

    Long John Silver

  10. The only way to go, Cap, before UMNO digs its own grave: one member gets one vote.

    But I don't think I'll live long enough to see that's happening. If it happens, I'll eat the humble pie for the rest of my life, and nothing else. Heh!

  11. Zed Zachary:

    I have deleted your latest inane remarks. The name calling stops here. This is not an UMNO Youth meeting and if you cannot behave yourself, you can take your shit elsewhere.

  12. Dear Capt,

    Aptly said. I think UMNO is on its way into distruction.

    Imagine the corrupted KJ as the head of its Youth. Imagine what sort of people will be churned out by its Youth wing to lead the party in the future.

    UMNO's future sure looks bleak. Very bleak.

    But, this KJ story in UMNO now is too similar with Anwar then, dont you agree, Capt?

    They both are masters of manupulations and money politics.


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