Wednesday, June 24, 2009

KDSB to Sue

The Malay Mail yesterday quoted Faizal Abdullah (photo), the deputy CEO of Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (KDSB), that the turnkey contractor of the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) has decided to set the record straight by taking the Port Klang Authority (PKA) and Transport Minister Ong Tee Keat to court three weeks from now.

He said the suit would be filed on the basis that PKA and Ong had allegedly painted "a bad picture" of the company that "damaged its credibility" despite it having delivered its end of the deal. Read about it, here.

The company also claimed that the PwC report insinuated that KDSB had colluded to defraud the government in the sale of land and the development of PKFZ.

Bully for you, Faizal.

To the uninitiated, Faizal is Kapar UMNO division youth head and son-in-law of my old friend Onn Ismail, the permanent chairman of UMNO and who at one time was both in the PKA board and chairman of the Pulau Lumut Development Cooperative, the original owner of the PKFZ land. Also in case everyone has forgotten, "Cikgu" Onn was also well known for having discharged his pistol in the air trying to quell a particularly boisterous UMNO division meeting in Port Klang some years ago ...

Never a dull moment, eh wot?


  1. Captain

    Thanks for the reminder and keeping the scandal on the front burner

    Read about this guy Faisal sometime back on this website

    and UMNO/BN's dirty hands in the pie

  2. Capt,

    I wish that the MM had reported instead "KDSB seeking remedy through our justice system to set the record straight" as what's written signifies a different conclusion altogether.

    Just because KDSB have the right to sue does not mean they are absolved of any other wrongdoing (eg excessive profiteering as in the 'special value' they got for the land sale) in light of the Attorney-General's assertion to use the Land Acquisition Act to justify a lower price.

    PKFZ got the RM4.6 billion 'bailout' soft loan from the government during August 2007 and from details I obtained via the DAP website, the following are the payment schedules:

    2007 - RM510 million
    2008 - RM660 million
    2009 - RM660 million
    2010 - RM772 million
    2011 - RM487 million
    2012 - RM733 million
    2013/2016 - RM170 million per annum
    2017 - RM179 million

    Totalling - RM4,681 million.

    And KDSB is now saying they have thus far received payment for 'only' RM300 million or thereabout? What gives?

    We know for a fact that there were four MOT letters of support/comfort issued which are considered in local parlance as 'bondable' instruments and coupled with the turnkey agreement, KDSB managed to raise the necessary funds to finance the PKFZ project.

    We also know that the original development timeframe of six or eight years proposed by JAFZA was fastracked to two years, using the same financing strategy.

    It's kinda like bad karma for KDSB to sue for bad faith when bad planning were conjured by bad people.

    Someone told you recently that a Public Interest Litigation initiative may not result with monetary compensation even if you win.

    Well doing the right thing and getting nuthin in return ain't that bad fer some folks, eh Capt.

    Man the sails, yer landlubbers!

  3. Wha???... This is truly the case of the rapist suing the rape victim because he feel that the rape victim has tarnish his reputation by lodging a report to the police! KDSB rapes PKA and sues PKA for tarnishing KDSB's reputation? Only in Malaysia and only UMNO "kepala" besar will do this... UMNO 'kepala" besar will be chopped off in the next GE....

  4. Go ahead and sue and we will have the truth in
    open court.This is just a case of threat and
    bullying tactics, I can bet they won't do it
    because they have many deed that cannot see the

  5. Capt if you could also do a story on the lpk quarters,that too smells like another con by politicians.

  6. Dear Kapitan

    Can you shed some light on the relationship between Faizal and Tiong. Also, is this Faizal personal affair or is it link to UMNO. Wot?


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