Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MACC Chief No Show

In a breaking news, The Edge today reports, here, that the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) meeting on the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) affair was called off after Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief’s no-show today.

Despite getting a near-full quorum of 13 members of Parliament, PAC chairman Azmi Khalid decided to postpone the meeting to June 23 after MACC decided to send its investigation director instead of chairman Ahmad Said Hamdan.

On Ahmad Said’s absence, Azmi said that he probably has more "important things to attend to".

And I do hope that he was just being sarcastic ...


  1. It may be due to pressure from somebody to ask him not to attend the meeting?

  2. i guess RM12 billion of the rakyat's money lost, squandered and pilfered is just too trivial a matter for the powers that be...

  3. Capt,

    I do not envy the PAC chairman's burdensome responsibility in trying to unravel the PKFZ fiasco.

    On the other hand, he has unwittingly 'released' the PKFZ Fab Four in an earlier PAC inquiry ( with the reasoning that the MACC have better investigative authority.

    Similarly, MCA's OTK have also passed the buck to MACC by submitting the PwC report for further deliberation.

    And now, the MACC chairman did not avail himself in a PAC inquiry despite being the defacto linchpin for such an important case.

    Which therefore leads to the vital question of - Does the PAC have parliamentary oversight in its inquiries to propose punitive actions on any suspected wrongdoers?

    Far too many PAC inquiries in the past have ended without definitive closures. The ECM-Libra case comes to mind, for example.

    I have written on countless occasions on blogs that the PAC activities itself has become a news item instead of it being the highest parliament-anointed authority for establishing accountability for public spending, by right.

    The last thing we need from the PAC chairman is more 'SARCASM'. But if he can use it to summon the MACC chairman to quickly appear before the inquiry panel, so be it.

    After all, NTR's tagline for 1Malaysia, "People First, Performance Now" must be actualised through human ingenuity.

  4. Hmmm, RM 12 Billions against cars and cows... Which one is more important???? It looks like the head of MACC believed that the cases of cars, cows, RM 80,000.00 is much more important and pressing than RM 12 Billions potential losses. The MACC head must have discussed this with the Speaker of Parliament ( Pendekar parang kontot) and concluded that the speaker was right all along. Did we expect much more from these people? If you did then you're in the same league as Hadi and nasharuddin... UMNO and Najib sincere??? ROTFL!!!!!

  5. Captain,

    The PKFZ drama is unfolding now...where all the crooks are trying to play out a magic show !!

    Later , MACC will issue a 'No Further Action' oder to end the show !!

    Will all PKFZ crooks be brought to justice ??


  6. Dear Captain

    If Ahmad Said do not know how to prioritise his work, then he is the wrong person to head MACC. I think this is a case not to renew his contract of appointment.

    I sincerely believe his non-show is a reflection of his personal integrity. It should be a black mark on his suitability to head MACC.

    Finally, I wonder what his HK counterpart will say about him and MACC now.


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