Monday, January 08, 2007


I came home yesterday to find that my four month old PC hard disk drive has crashed. Just came back from Imbi Plaza where I sent it to try and salvage any data at all from the disk. I was told that chances are very slim and the best I can hope for is a replacement of the disk with a new blank disk.

This is something that you hear can happen but you never expect it to happen to you, so you don't make any back ups. It would appear that a lot of my very personal data, documents, photos, music etc are gone forever and this is a very expensive lesson indeed.


  1. Say, sorry to hear that Capt. I'm a friend of Capt. Pandi's and nephew to Basiruddin Ja'man (Ache)possibly your contemporary in MC. BTW, I'm a MCOB fr Lenggeng, Sulaiman Hse. Class of '79. Pleased to meet you sir...

    Mat Salo

  2. Pleased to meet you too. Ache is a childhood buddy and I last spoke to him some months ago. I believe is now managing the P. Klang golf Club


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