Friday, January 19, 2007


We are indeed living in interesting times.

A couple of my favourite bloggers are now being sued for defamation by a newspaper which used to be a favourite but now no longer my cupper tea.

Which goes to show that we do have to be extra careful and even practice ‘self censorship’ when we communicate news, rumours, opinions etc. in our blogs and which is why, unlike my contemporaries, I am not really interested in politics. It is not that I do not givashit what happens to my country and my people but as I have said before, I do honestly believe that we truly deserve the government that we have got. Period.

In a democracy, the only way to change a bad government is still through the ballot box, unless anybody wants to suggest to our army generals to have some balls and be a bit more ‘adventurous’ like our neighbours. Or our rakyat have the stomach for a 'people power’ type of revolution or whatever which I don’t think we are ready for, those recent mass demonstrations on toll hikes notwithstanding (which I believe wasn't given much publicity in the media).

Going to court is one way to let it all come out in the open. Questions will need to be answered and if our judiciary have indeed come to their senses, then these are going to be very interesting times indeed.

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  1. Yes, I remember Ahiruddin Atan the person behind the moniker Rocky's Brew as a student at ITM. He was tall and lanky for a Malay and looked like he could excel in sports. Never got to find out if he is of mixed parentage as he tended to cut himself loose in my Feature Writing class. Being big, he probably felt too big for his shoes. Later he seemed to do well at NST even leapfrogging over others to be assigned as the paper's London bureau chief, a post once held by Harry Miller, a Malayan colonial writer. The latest brouhaha in his relationship with the NST I see as merely reflective of the times with its many twists and turns in the lives of public figures and companies on the local social scape with the ongoing Proton-Mahaleel, Mahathir-Abdullah and Abdul Razak Baginda coming to mind.

    Me? I say, neither a smirk nor smirched be.


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