Saturday, January 20, 2007


(Photo courtesy of Capt. Noor Apandi of Tampin Linggi)

Last night, at the Vintage Ballroom of the Subang Holiday Villa, this vintage mariner was made a Fellow of IKMAL, the Institut Kelautan Malaysia or the Malaysian Maritime Institute. Presenting the award was YBM Tengku Dato Seri Azlan, Malaysia's deputy minister of transport and younger brother of an old MCKK batchmate, Tengku Aziz. Together with the framed certificate, I was also given a smart light blue blazer with the IKMAL badge made by the exclusive Fox Custom Tailors, probably the most expensive piece of clothing I will ever own in my lifetime ...

The occasion was IKMAL's 22nd Anniversary Gala Dinner which was well attended by the Malaysian maritime fraternity. The menu was great, the entertainment was superb and the networking was excellent.

Also awarded an IKMAL Fellowship was Capt. Ahmad Othman (above photo, right), the Director General of Marine for Peninsula Malaysia, who tells me that he is a regular visitor of my blog. IKMAL's merit Awards for Corporate Excellence 2006 was also presented to North Port (M) Bhd., represented by an old friend and CEO Dato Basheer Hassan, and to Inai Kiara Sdn. Bhd. represented by Dato Capt. Ismail Kamin, another keen follower of this blog.

Jolly good fellows, really.

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