Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Politics, anyone?

This morning, as usual while out during my early morning brisk walk around the lakes of Kelana Jaya Park, I bumped into my fellow early bird the venerable Member of Parliament for Kepong who shared with me his definitions on what makes a good politician. We chatted while he religiously picks up and disposes the trash carelessly thrown around but not in the trash bins by children and fish poachers the day before.

I had asked him about his party's newest recruit, an active blogger and an Oxford graduate who was also the youngest CEO of a public listed company in Singapore. As a much respected politician and playing the quintessential diplomat, the Yang Berhormat spoke generally about the idealism of youth and also about doers and talkers. I had to agree with him since having been an ops man myself, I have always insisted on wanting to know more about solutions and not just problems, much to the chagrin of a lot of people at my workplace.

I have only contempt for politicians who will not practice what they preach and will only crawl out of the woodwork just before the general elections but will disappear soon after. Pseudo politicians who point fingers and hide behind pseudonyms while writing their blogs and the very idealistic young who seem to have all the answers to our problems. Who needs 'em?

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