Monday, March 26, 2007


Took a long hard look at myself in the mirror after shaving yesterday morning. I very rarely do this nowadays unless I cut myself or something, and I could see that I am beginning to look more and more like my late father. The only problem is that I am only going to hit sixty and he was more than a couple of decades older. I could also see now why I have such a good relationship with my nephews and nieces, who were very attached to their late grandfather.

I also find it amusing that people who blog, who open up their hearts and bare their souls, warts and all in cyberspace often are a bit coy about how they look. If pseudonyms are not enough, they post graphics, cartoons or baby pictures or something. Sheeesh. Talk about being transparent and all.


*What you see is what you get.


  1. Dear Ancient Mariner,

    Alamak! not unlike STC's wedding guest, I've spent the last hour mesmerized by your tales.

    Though unlike that wedding guest, it was not with your glittering eyes or bony fingers that stopp'st thou me. It was your interesting life told ever so wittily.

    [Whatever happened to the mould when they make Malaysians like you, Sir?]

    I came via Mat Salo's blog. I figured interesting people usually keep interesting company, probably even in bloggerland.

    I was right! :D

  2. You looking like arwah atuk is one thing, but we love you because of who you are :)

    And that's a very important point.

  3. Thank you.

    Methinks all these praises may not do me any good but perhaps its just what the good doctor ordered?

    I am also sorely tempted to get 'political' in my blogs but I fear this may just put off many people whom I care about ...

  4. I am going to nag you again based on mekyam's comment - do a book. Yes, please don't get political...

  5. Well said Sir, I truly except that most bloggers dont write from their soul and are either writing for publicity or for name!. I truly agree with you.
    Wish you happy 60!.

  6. Erm... some people do blog "from their soul" (as it were), but could not really reveal themselves due to the nature of their day jobs.

    I actually find that bloggers who have no such limitations are more than likely to be open about revealing themselves thru photos and such.

    Not me, tho'. I'm a blogger but I choose to be anon.

    Nice blog.


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