Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I am pushing sixty this year (although I don't quite feel sixty) and just as I thought I can begin to enjoy my semi retirement, I have been asked by a prominent government think-tank to embark on a study project for them, possibly also as a start of several more to follow. Although the promised remuneration is nothing to shout about, I am honoured that I have not been forgotten after all this time. This should at least give me some considerable personal gratification of having contributed and giving back to society and the industry which has enriched me, not financially, and gave some meaning to my life thus far.

Having been involved in similar projects in the past, I do feel quite apprehensive in the sense that the product of the last undertaking, a major joint effort in association with several local and international consultants, probably suffered as a result of bureaucratic Malays, or rather, malaise. The report is probably now lying forgotten and collecting dust in some senior civil servant's filing cabinet.

I do hope that it is going to be different this time. There are also other projects in the pipeline so I reckon I am going to be pretty busy in my second half century.


  1. Congrats Cap'n... glad somebody recognizes that there's still some spunk left in the old codger... Life truly begins at 60 then. I hope when my time comes (hopefully I'll go that far), I too would not be left forgotten...

  2. Salam Capt,

    Alang-alang capt sudah lama menulis blog, majukan lagi dengan menulis buku berkaitan pengalaman capt sendiri, tentang maritim atau HSE.

    Dengan pengalaman yang Capt ada dan pertolongan rakan2. banyak yang dapat dikongsi.

    mungkin capt boleh mencuba link ni untuk langkah mula Unika PTS


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