Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Classmate

On Friday afternoon, Zorro gave me a ride to a meeting of bloggers with a former MCKK classmate of mine, a fellow who has led a chequered life and now in the midst of making a political come back. We were a bit late after getting caught in the late lunch and after Friday prayers traffic. The All-Blogs kakis were all there in Anwar Ibrahim's PJ office namely Rocky, Jeff Ooi, Nuraina, Tony Yew, A Voice, Big Dog, Stephen and a few others I have not met before.

The last time I met Anwar was a couple of years ago at a class reunion of sorts, hosted by another former classmate of ours Tengku Azman (former CEO of MIMOS), at the latter's dusun or fruit orchard in Sg. Buloh. The first thing that struck me on seeing him again was that his hair, like mine, was still 'All-Black' ! (so I suppose like moi, there was some 'cheating' involved here, old bean).

The consummate politician, (40 years ago, we, his classmates never thot he would be who he is today) Anwar answered all the questions posed to him by the so-po journo bloggers amongst us although there were moments I could detect that his mind wandered off elsewhere. Perhaps it can get pretty tiresome having to answer the same questions over and over again. But then these young fellows needed to hear the words again straight from the horse's mouth.

Perhaps after some years in solitary confinement and plenty of soul searching, a man can and do change. Unlike his former boss and jailer, at least he has shown the capacity to let bygones be bygones, and not become very bitter, vengeful and unforgiving - traits which are downright bloody unIslamic, if you ask me. He is now faced with the rather daunting task of trying to introduce big changes in the country's political arena and will need all the help he can get. So at the risk of being accused of being biased, I say boys and girls, lets give the guy a break.

It is the system, baby, and it sucks.


  1. Bang Cap't.. I've been dying of waiting for your post on the meet. Your take is important - for you had known him far, far longer.

    Yes, let's give the guy a break..

    " least he has shown the capacity to let bygones be bygones, and not become very bitter, vengeful and unforgiving - traits which are downright bloody unIslamic, if you ask me." Err
    Cap, how about his jailers? Were they downright bloody Islamic then?

  2. Good Morning Sir,

    YES! it is the system!

  3. Mat salo:

    Hi Mat, I'm not going to play God, judge, jury and executioner but as they say 'Let those who have not sinned cast the first stone' etc.

    Many people in power think its OK for them to make a few mistakes occasionally, but in my book, for them failure is not an option.


    U r right. It stinks to high heaven. A belated best wishes and Happy Mother's Day to you.

  4. Captain, we had, in Rocky's blog some prophets of doom who thought that it was a bad idea "mixing" with Anwar. I rather mix with him than with the two low-lives whose head leaked.

    Everyone has a right to be heard, and preventing someone from being heard, or preventing someone from giveing a ear to another is not what blogging is all about. Cheers. Freelunch 2020 is celebrating her birthday TOMORROW at NPC....Do I pick you up?

  5. He might not be a someone who knows the sea but he is the best bet to sail us into uncharted territory and maybe find us our utopia.

  6. Zorro:
    Thanks old buddy. Will call/SMS you.

    You are absolutely right. We already have too many Capt Ahabs dragging everyone along in their egomanical pursuits of Promethean causes ...

  7. DSAI is the great Opposition hope. He better get his act right when it comes to the Malay voters.

  8. Good take Capt.
    And I feel the same, for the record, never was an 'Anwar' man.
    But I sense that he is more level headed now, having been through what he did, perhaps, he can see clearly now?

    I leave your readers to think for themselves, but I say this, for our country's sake, enough is enough.
    No more leaks, and stop blaming our womenfolk!


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