Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blue Moon

Old timers may remember the Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart's song Blue Moon made famous by Nat King Cole and Frank (Ol' Blue Eyes) Sinatra. There is also Ray Charles' hit song Blue Moon of Kentucky and Elvis Presley's When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again.

Remember the expression "once in a blue moon"?. Well, its going to happen tonight, actually, depending on which time zone you live in. But will the moon indeed be blue? Read here.


  1. Was it a blue moon last nite? Didn't have a chance to go out to the balcony...was feeling rather giddy...

    Anyway, those who had a chance must had seen the beautiful moon that comes every 2 half years

  2. Have never been an avid moon-watcher nor a pungguk merindukan bulan, but I doubt whether it was indeed blue..

  3. Cap't, I posted the picture on my blog yesterday only AFTER I had read your piece! I took it from the helideck. And the moon was really FULL but not quite blue though.. But SO big and beautiful nontheless...

    I'll be out there again tonight, Cap't..


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