Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Gathering (not the movie)

I was late for the gathering of bloggers at the Subang Lake Club last night but managed to catch the last couple of speakers, MarinaM and Citizen-Nades. The dinner meet was organised by Bloggers United Malaysia and was well received by socio-political and non-sopo bloggers alike. A few friendly non-bloggers were also amongst the guests.

It was great to be able to put faces to names and was an honour and privilege indeed for me to meet Pok Ku, Sang Kelembai , Gundohing et al. Perhaps we should have more of these in the future.


  1. Assalamualaikum Capt,

    Doing it quarterly would be interesting. Sekali sekala besemuka apa salahnya.


  2. W'kum salam.
    You are absolutely right. We havent met so maybe we can have TT the next time you come down from Miri.

  3. It was nice meeting you in person. InsyaAllah, we will meet again soon.

  4. yoyo my frens just leaving my DNA here for SB to trace....hehehehe ;)

  5. captain!

    i have seen you around in blog meets and i was glad to finally formally introduced myself to you. hehe. looking forward to many more future meets :)

    hope the event was enjoyable for you as it was for me :)


  6. wattahack:

    Many thanks. It was great meeting y'all. Happy blogging.

  7. Waduh! Rugi ngak dapat pergi. But glad semua happy iya Bang Capt?

  8. Hi Mat,
    Yup but sorry no photos. In my haste forgot to bring my camera.

  9. Bang Cap,

    Don't sweat it, Sir. I had already viewed a shot of your esteemed but ancient posterior captured for posterity on Pokku's site. Pokku doesn't know it yet, but his S-I-L used to be my trainee hell of a while back, and the newscaster (ex)daughter is in cohorts with a dear kolekian friend of mine in a biz venture. The daughter's hubby is also an olboi, albeit a bit junior to me and a far richer in the asset department. They both reside on the other side of the sink too, like I am. Confused, Sir? Me too.. Phew!

  10. I get yr drift, Mat, altho this is first time I read Indonland located on other side of the kitchen sink...

  11. Dear Ancient Mariner Sir,

    ahhhh, you went there. Miss it, miss it I did...

  12. Captain...I missed it...missed it so much...infact, had been imagining that nite would be a wonderful meet the mentioned bloggers... Ah! Hopefully, there'll be a next time for us to convene again...hopefully also, i'm in my best health condition.

  13. Dear Raden,

    Pls take care of yrself, I'm sure there will be many more similar do's.

    If you need any help in transport, just holler.


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