Monday, June 25, 2007

Balik Bayan

Pre 1991 eruption photo of Mt. Pinatubo from Wikipedia

Balik Bayan
in Pilipino language means 'return to the country', the nearest thing to balik kampung for the Malays. Well, I am off to Angeles City near Manila early tomorrow morning with my friend Alex and a group of 50-odd Klang MIC division heads for a few days of R&R. I am told this little jaunt is a reward of sorts, compliments of Barisan Nasional, for their combined efforts over and above their normal duties to ensure BN's success in the recent Ijok by-election.

Talk about level playing fields. Sheeeesh. Be back on Friday.


  1. Captain Y.. God Speed and God Bless.. enjoy your R & R courtesy the coffers of BN, and by extension, possibly the taxpayers. You are right, the field is never level. But that is what makes life interesting... But what the heck, go for it.

    I would!

    Looks like you and me have the departed our shores simultaneously - almost. Time to re-group, refresh, and marshall our thoughts...

    Love your "unkindest cut". Looks like a little history is being re-written - again..

    I think the spin for the next General Erection is slowly but surely rearing its ugly head... Very subtle but distatseful in my opinion. I'm with you on this Capt...

  2. Oooii Captain... dont let anyone hold you hand... hehehehehe...

  3. mat salo;


    Just got back yesterday evening. Thanks to Jamaludin Jarjis I was the butt of many wisecracks by my travel companions why I am mixing with a lot of low class Indians. Sheeesh.

    elviza dear, er ,nobody did.... haha

  4. Assalamualaiikum Captain :o)

    Welcome back! I hope you had a great trip and a good rest.

    I'd like to tag you for a noble cause. Please visit my blog to find out about it or go to

    By completing the meme, you are contributing RM127 to the Darul Izzah Orphanage.


    Have a good rest, Captain :o)

  5. syana;

    Uh oh, truly sorry m'dear for being such a spoilsport, but I saw this coming and hv declared myself as 'untaggable' as a matter of principle. Pls read my earlier blog abt this.

  6. if mic turn multiracial party, cud I expect you to be its first member.

    was parthiban there?

  7. I understand and I'm sorry :o), Captain.

  8. a voice:

    I am apolitical daa. Parthiban ilek.


    thanks for understanding a cranky old man ...


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