Friday, June 01, 2007

You Cannot Fight City Hall

I was rather amused with all the hoo-ha over the highly politicised Lina Joy's case and the very emotional Islam bashing that followed. The operative word here was that it was a majority decision by a panel of judges. The realpolitik is such that you dont need a double first from Oxford to figure out that even if the panel had consisted of only one Malay/Muslim judge out of three, the outcome may not have been very different indeed.

So like the Yanks would say, you just cannot fight City Hall.

But at this stage of my life, I am also no longer interested in issues big or small. An issue in this country can easily become a non issue after being swept under the carpet or everybody going into a permanent denial mode. Therefore it will remain a perennial problem which will resurface later and will not go away.

Lets not then miss the wood for the trees.

Anyhow, this particular issue was really getting a bit tiresome and out of hand, so like I tell everyone, dont give me issues and problems, give me solutions ...


  1. Cap'n.

    Let's look at the BIG picture, like you said, why fight City Hall?

    But Cap'n.. Assuming there was, like you suggested, only ONE Malay/Muslim judge, you still agree the outcome "may not have been different?"

    But it's getting long in the tooth here, let the Syariaa Court worry about this. They've got a bigger headache coming I think!

    Also, I happen to agree with Cikgu Nazir Khan's take on the matter. He really knows how to tackle the issue one must say..

    That aside, our hope your junior mariner will pull through, Cap.


  2. Hi Mat,

    There was never any doubt in my mind what the decision would be. Methinks the 'dissenting' vote was more wayang than anything else.

    'Murtad' is a dirty word in Islam, something our non Muslim friends will never understand since they believe that one shud be free to change religions like changing clothes. We dont, period. Therein lie the problem, which I dont particularly like to dwell on....

  3. My dear Captain,

    I have to agree with you that this issue is getting really tiresome and out of hand.

    There are real probelems out there. For instance, we might want to give more attention to eradicating poverty, raising the education standards and perhaps read a book for your own good!

    They just love the dramas. Alas, they will never admit that. Good Sunday Captain


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