Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Unkindest Cut

I was a 10 year old schoolboy on 31st August 1957 when I first heard the voice of our beloved first prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra on the radio, shouting "Merdeka!" several times with fist raised and echoed by thousands of jubilant citizens of the proud new nation at the Merdeka Stadium. The recording of his familiar voice has reverberated the airwaves on radio and TV for the past 49 years each time we celebrate the country's Independence Day.

Therefore it was with profound horror and disgust for me when I heard on the car radio the Tunku's familiar voice being replaced by the voice of a much younger persona, DPM Dato Najib Tun Razak during the run up to the Ijok by election recently. I believe Najib was only 4 years old when the country achieved independence and the joke is probably he is unaware of this rather juvenile attempt to distort history and fool the younger voters. Maybe it was just the work of some mindless ball carriers in RTM.

Now that the country is approaching its 50th year of merdeka, I am rather disturbed that lately there have been attempts by misguided youngsters to glorify the then DPM Tun Razak instead. If this is just to belittle or even negate the late Tunku's achievements then it is in very bad taste. Some of our younger leaders should realize that they are in their present exalted positions more because of their fathers' or even fathers-in law's names so they should perhaps cease and desist, for their shameful acts are indeed the unkindest cut of all.


  1. Sir, I don't know what's going on but I can see that we don't treat history with respect that it should deserve. We have no respect for historical buildings, or the prominent figures who played a big role in building this nation to what it is. We don't even respect those who died for the country. We have no respect for anything that cannot be converted into monetary gain. And yet they want us to be patriotic, and moan how ungrateful the young generation is to the sacrifices of the founding fathers.

    I don't know what's going on, and I don't know what they've been smoking, or drinking.

    The truth is, someone is sucking up to someone and if they play the game right, i.e when that someone becomes the PM, then that mindless ball carriers are in it for a big time with lucrative contracts.

    It's the play people play, and all we can do is watch. Or do something about it. As it is, only you realised what's going on while the rest of the country go about this business as if there's no difference between in Tunku's voice, or Mawi, or M. Daud Kilau.

    I don't know what's going on. Do you, sir?

  2. Hi bergen,

    Its not really rocket science to figure out whats going on and as you said, its just games that people play.

    I also believe we truly deserve the govt that we have got. With a very gullible electorate perhaps its up to us bloggers in our small way to try and zero in the rakyat's conscience.

  3. I'm reading your previous posts, right from page one. Wish I could write like you too. I consider your blog a guide to good writing - the same as Awang Goneng, Count Byron, and Pokku. Hmmm, you're the odd one out. You're not from the East Coast. Haha, sorry, sir. A little laugh wouldn't hurt no one. BTW, I'm from Dungun. Grew up by the sea, and thought of leaving that town, sailing on a ship to anywhere. But I didn't go anywhere. The only ships I saw were the that of Japanese, taking the iron ore from a mine in Bukit Besi. Uncle was the train driver. It was a man's town, just like Dawson City at the height of the Klondike gold rush.

    I like all your enries, sir.

  4. Thank you. Glad you like them. I have enjoyed yr sense of humour too.


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