Saturday, July 21, 2007

Don't play play ...

I got this photo from a Singapore website. It shows a crack(pot?) Singapore army Red Beret trooper playfully pointing his deadly assault rifle at a little boy during their National Day parade rehearsals recently.

As a parent, I don't think this is funny. Apparently some people do.


  1. Yes, that is just being idiotic and asking for trouble from various levels. The gun could go off, the boy could turn turn out to be a maniac...

    Bila nak kena teh ni bang ?

  2. Could it be Capt. that our red dot neighbor has a fetish....everything has to be rehearsed before the invasion of Project Iskandar.

  3. apandi:

    eh? I was waiting for yr call da..


    Rehearsals are OK but Invasion? I dont think so. They will now be more careful esp. after the last time they got CLOBbered. Our leaders making idiotic statements will not help either.

  4. YA, he must be thinking that everybody is a threat ... and need to be neutralized .... On a small island anything can be nightmares!!

  5. Err.....chappies! Wouldn't want to jump the gun, if I were you....for if you look at the sights of that gun pointing guy, he is looking elsewhere....also, I believe those chaps down south are not too keen on toying my guess is this is another doctored photo!

    If one was to really point the gun at that harry potter looking boy, the gun will be have a steeper angle inwards....

    Just my assessment...


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