Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Plot Sickens

Blogger Nathaniel Tan of seemed a bright and personable young man when I met him at a gathering of bloggers in Subang Jaya a couple of months ago. I was shocked when I found out this morning that he has been detained by the police (read Rocky Bru's and Nuraina Samad's take on this, here and here) yesterday evening. Malaysiakini also reported that "A four-day remand order has been obtained against Nathaniel Tan who is being investigated under Section 8 of the Official Secrets Act 1972" and that Tan's laptop and home desktop computer had been seized as well. This makes Nat Tan the first blogger to be arrested under OSA.

It must be noted that Harvard graduate Nat Tan is also a Parti Keadilan Rakyat man and Anwar Ibrahim's secretary for work related to the Foundation of the Future, an international NGO of which the PKR chief is president of.

What gives? Is this country becoming a police state? Or is this just a plot to strong arm and intimidate opposition politicians? Well, I'm pissed off enough to know who I am going to vote for in the next GE. No two ways about this.

(Poster courtesy of Mob’s Crib)


  1. It's not just to intimidate opposition but to the whole blogosphere especialy socio-political ones. The plot is sickening indeed.

  2. Hi Mob,

    Many thanks for the use of yr poster.

  3. what next?

    can't breathe in a certain way?


    what is our country coming to? i'm pretty sure this isn't what our past leaders fought for when we were trying to achieve independance.

  4. Subtle attempt at arm-twisting. Too bad (or good) it could backfire...

    Good of you to highlight this, Captain.

  5. kitty pryde:

    mat salo:

    Absolute power corrupts, absolutely. After 50 years, time to deny them this.


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