Monday, July 30, 2007

Signing Ceremony

(Photo courtesy Micheal Lee)

I managed to buttonhole YBM Tengku Azlan*, the deputy minister of transport this morning but I didnt have time to spring him the RM64 question, or rather the RM$4.6 billion one about the PKFZ debacle. In any case, I doubted very much if he would have obliged since the matter is now under investigation.

The occasion was an MOU signing ceremony, which the deputy minister officiated, between Universiti Industri Selangor (Unisel) and Institut Kelautan Malaysia (IKMAL) of which I am a Fellow, at the new Carlton Holiday Hotel in Shah Alam. Unisel also inked MOU's with a couple of other institutions. The Unisel-IKMAL MOU is for collaboration in conducting Unisel's post-graduate programs in maritime logistics.

* YBM Dato Seri Tengku Azlan ibni Almarhum Sultan Abu Bakar is also the younger brother of a former MCKK classmate, Tengku Aziz.


  1. YA, that was a good snap shot of you and Tengku Azlan, congrats to you and IKMAL Council Team for realising the IKMAL - UNISEL colloborations.

    Hope it will move the two organisations in Maritime Education capacity building .

  2. Aww! Captain, you look awesome, definitely smashing.

    Have fun tomorrow. I have a lunch meeting, lets pray it's cancelled, so I can join you at MR.

  3. jeff:


    Thanks. Sorry cannot make it for MR today, have to go to Kapar on biznes.

  4. You got THE necktie that says it all there, capt.

  5. bergen:

    Fooled you did I? It wasnt really a MCOBA but an old dunhill silk tie I often wear in the past to impress the ladies ... ha ha

    BTW, u have been very quiet lately.

  6. good day sir,

    I'm mariq, blog hopped here and found interesting readings plus your online sobriquet reminds me of coleridge's famous poem :)

  7. Don't even know if I still have my old kolek tie. Even if I did no occasion to wear it. No long-sleeved shirt in my wardrobe either.

    Anyway, Congrats, Sir. Hope that 4.6 Bill fiasco gets unravelled someday.. But I read something disturbing in a Newsweek article recently regarding economies in SEA in general. Apparently research shows "perps" ALWAYS get-off scott free and the taxpayers ALWAYS picking-up the Tab. When will this ever change? Not in our lifetime, I don't think.

    Nice suit, Captain!

  8. thewailer:

    many thanks for visiting. Yr blog is very interesting too.

    mat salo:

    thanks mat. We cannot remain passive and watch the country go to the dogs. Kenalah ikut bantai lebih kurang.

  9. My God, dont you look smashing. In your sea-faring days if you went off-board at every port, you would have two girls in every port. Shucks, you lucky sea-salt (I didnt use sea-dog not to rile Big Dog who has lost 30kg since).

    Swamp-man....I have about 40 ties to be given away as belts, headbands or mossie-swapper. Take your pick.Cheers.

  10. Aha Capt,

    So yer finally went SOPO. Good scoop on the PKFZ.

    No wonder you're on the 'list'.

    Me? Under 'etc'. Apparently not 'bad' enough to join the sifus.

  11. zorro:

    Many thanks. Methinks this is becos u guys have only seen me in t-shirts and sandals, which are my 'office' clothes nowadays ...


    Dont worry you'll make it to the list sooner or later. Me, I'm a 'sea-dweller' not a 'tree-dweller' so I shudnt be on the list ... ha ha

  12. Salam Capt,

    We met at Kak Ton's mee rebus session. Only managed to blog hop here today. Should have done it sooner! Love reading your postings.

    Ahahah! Nasib baik u dah ngaku tu bukan koleq tie.

    Since u ex-koleq Sir, pls read Pi's Twist on missing person alert (ex-MCKK boy)- there's a link from my blog if you haven't been to her 'place'. If you deem fit, kindly help pass the word around. It would be much appreciated by his family, I'm sure.

    Err.... Anything MCOBA can do to help?


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