Friday, September 28, 2007

A Right Royal Mess

There comes a time in a man's life, when faced with such a right royal adversity and a right royal mess in the country's law making institutions, he may just say what the fish, why do I givashit, maybe I should just roll over and play dead.

I salute the country's lawyers for saying "enough is enough" and demanding the set up of an independent Royal Commission of Inquiry to sort out the mess in the judiciary. This is probably the only way out for all of us to get to the bottom of things, including the RM4.6 billion Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) fiasco.

After the latest Public Accounts Committee (PAC) hearing, I have reasons to believe that some PAC members may now want to scuttle the PKFZ issue. (Malaysiakini reports that chairman Dato Shahrir Samad is set to retire, so dammit sir, here's a chance for you to do a last decent thing before you go and sail away into the sunset). But some interesting points have now emerged:

> Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) carried out the 'study' for the project.

> It was Jebel Ali's suggestion of '1,000 acres". (I believe and some maintain that Jebel Ali actually mentioned two phases.)

> On 3 November, 1998 Bintulu MP Dato' Tiong King Sing acted as sole land sale representative of Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd..(A damn right royal sinister situation here, old bean. More on the role of the so called Foo Chow Mafia later, and guess who is the numero uno Foo Chow in this country?)

> The government Valuation Department did four separate valuations on different lots of the 999.27 acres.

In Nov 98, the Department's valuation was RM 17 psf,
in May, 2000 RM 18 psf and
in Sept 2000 RM 21 psf.
But in August, 2001, the valuation for acquisition was only RM 10.16 psf.!

> The Attorney-General will be invited by PAC to give his version of the proposal to acquire the land. Had the Selangor State more power than the Federal government, so much as that it could insist on the purchase of the land? When the Federal Government acquired the KLIA land in Sepang, the State Government could not or did not veto. (Some may recall at one time the site of the PKFZ in Pulau Indah was also considered for the new KLIA. Go figure).

A right royal mess indeed, and we also truly need an independent Royal Commission of Inquiry to sort out of this quagmire.


  1. Captain,
    My sincerest condolence on the demise of your beloved mother. Semoga Allah cucuri rahmat keatas rohnya.
    The lawyers march was a good start to register the people's disagreement over several issues in Malaysia. PKFZ is another one of them. Another gargantuan project worth pursuing is the RM6.7 billion Navy's petrol vessels fiasco. Hopefully some NGO will organise a similar walk as the lawyers did in Putrajaya. Care must be taken that the authorities will not use the police to take the draconian act against the walkers as they did in Kuala Terengganu via agent provocateurs.

  2. the land belongs to the (fishermen, I believe) cooperative and its not state land. why should there be any objection to a compulsory objection by the State?
    hey, the State of Selangor was once infamous for compulsory acquisition under the Mohd 2X reign. and that was for private benefit. remember the piece of prime land in Klang where Jusco is. it was compulsorily acquired based on agri usage and then on a sweetheart deal given to a Chinese developer and the land subsequently converted into commercial usage in lightning speed . viola, the land value suddenly multiply manifold. who wants to work? and am i surprise to hear our Mohd 2x being caught with a bag of money in Australa? your take.

  3. zawi:

    many thanks for the feedback. Zawi, it wasnt my mother but my favourite aunt.

  4. Bang'Cap't,

    Belated condolences on the passing of your favorite late aunt. Kek mano Mako? Mum's side I presume?

    Damn right that PAC needs to get to the bottom of this. Whoa, I got lots of stories on the Foo Chow Mafia too 'Bang. I lived in Sarawak for many years, remember? Some of our UMNO polticions are possibly bankrolled by the clan. It taints politicians like Taib Mahmud all the way to Megat Jonid...

    I hope Shahrir does the right thing, 'Bang Cap't. Let's hope so, for our country's sake.

  5. talking about foochow mafia in Sarawak. this Bintulu MP has been shouting on top of his voice about triad activities. lo and behold, the police got into the act and the triads went helster skelter. now, he is questioning the integrity of the officers who are recently promoted in Sarawak.
    I dont know how much I can believe him now. Afterall, he is one of the principals behind this RM4.6 billion scandal. Guess, people who lives in glass houses better dont throw stones.

  6. Captain, as i have said before i believe that PAC has been compromised. I believe UMNO treasurer has spoken to Chairman of PAC on Chan Kong choy and Bintulu MP behalf. Thats why he is the chairman of the company, because he is a big shot from UMNO and he can give protection. The MP from Bintulu is so powerful that Kuala Dimensi is also given $1 bill flood mitigation project. Of course no tender on a negotiated basis.
    Look if there is no truth on the tender allegation i suggest a parliament question be asked whether Kuala Dimensi has been awarded another negotiated tender project. If the answer is "NO" at least we have a record in the Hansard on this denial.
    So at the end of the day there is no accountability at all in the expenditure of public funds and this must not go on.

  7. anon 23.33

    it was reported in the press that kuala dimensi was given a RM300 million plus job for flood mitigation in KL on negotiated basis. well, the number could be supressed due to the KPA scandal. but then, there is this company screwing the country big time and the reward is another contract for them . it doesnt make any sense unless you have a dig at the money trial and the personalities involved.
    so much for integrity under this so-called "clean" administration. shit, I almost forgot. its the same leaders who gave RM3.0 million to each division head in the last UMNO assembly. mind you, the money comes from the government which means your and my money. this tells all, isnt it?

  8. Captain, sorry for the mess up. My mind is troubled with all the troubles the country and future generation is facing.

  9. So my comment on your previous posting holds true then.
    the PAC is just a distraction like all their high-powered task forces, investigations and what have you. Pochee, my Indian friends will say.
    Get the fuchow Tun. Way to go.

  10. Capt,

    I told yer, didn't I, about this PAC circus.

    And now, they're trying to dump it all on JAFZA's lap.

    RCI is the only acceptable option, just like what is required for the Lingamgate scandal.

  11. Yep, looks like the whitewash is being spread thick and as fast as shit off a shovel.
    The PAC do not seem willing to do their job, but are merely playing about, and are helping to effect a full cover up for all the guilty parties.
    The 'investigation' of the scandalous PKFZ multi billion Ringgit squandering of taxpayers money is being swiftly followed by the PAC pretending to investigate an even bigger waste of taxpayers money, the RMN OPV scandal. In this case the relevant (presumably incriminating) documents are said to have been destroyed!! Another whitewash is in progress.
    The only effective remedy would be fully independent Royal Commissions of Inquiry into these two scandals and all the others which have occurred. There are, it seems, lots of others in the pipeline too, such as PGCC, the Penang Second Bridge, the North, South, and East Super Corridors, etc. The rape of Malaysian wealth is continuing unabated, it must be stopped by the people! If not Malaysia may eventually end up being similar to Burma.

  12. Capt.sah.....we have lost go for the Fuchow mafia!


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