Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Ancient Mariner on TV

I was up early this morning. Astro TV had sent a car at 0830 hrs. to take me to their studios in Bukit Jalil to record a one hour program "Perspektif Kita: Blog -- Your Mainstream Media?". The audience were mainly youngsters and my fellow guest speakers include other bloggers*, academicians and student activists.

Catch the program tonight at 2030 hrs. on Astro Awani (Channel 501). I believe there will be re-runs on Monday 28th April night at 2300 hrs., Tuesday 29th at 1530 hrs. and Wednesday 30th at 1000 hrs.

* Dato Ibrahim Yahaya of Dunia Tiger, Tan Sri Sanusi Joned's son Akhramsyah of Thoughts in a Tangent, and Norizan Sharif.

(Above photo with program host, popular TV personality and fellow MCKK old boy Suhaimi Sulaiman, who is also a keen blogger himself, here)


  1. Dear YA,
    Good on you mate ..... will catch up with you at Awani tonite.

  2. Good for you Capt. Y.
    Damn and blast!
    Missed it today, will make sure I catch the re-run tomorrow night.

  3. Bang.. Su tu den punyo classmate lah. We'er lamo dah memblog ni..

    Too bad in Indo I got no astro *sigh*

  4. Salam capt...

    Aye! aye! I missed the program la capt...the re-run pun timing lari tak dapek den nak nengok eh... camno? rugi...rugi...

  5. RG,

    Cuba lihat senarai program Astro, mungkin ada siaran waktu malam?


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