Monday, April 14, 2008

Lest We Forget

To all my overseas friends: Take a good dekko.

I have known this man for almost half a century. We went to school together. He was once destined to become this country's numero uno but because he chose to stick to his principles, he was jailed, beaten, humiliated, tortured and what have you, for six long years. He was also barred from holding political office for a period after he was released.

Today marks the day when he is free to pursue his destiny i.e., his rightful place vis-à-vis this country's future. His detractors and former jailers are now running around like blue-assed flies blaming each other for their failure to maintain the status quo in the recent general elections. Like rats deserting a sinking vessel, some may just opt for the inevitable like jumping ship, which is OK by me.

And as we say: Allah-u-Akbar, God is Great. Truth and justice may yet prevail.


  1. Long Live DSAI!!!

    Finally the time for the injustice to be repaid back in full (with compounded interest).

  2. I'm a die hard fan of DSAI. Not because I have met him, eaten his money or gotany facilitaion from him but because I love justice and I know he is a man denied justice. God is Great.

  3. if truth prevailed and evil revealed, mahatir must be cursing his judgement in choosing badawi as the PM. coz, its Badawi that allowed Anwar to be free from jail as he did not interfere in the judiciary.
    lets see whether mahatir is gonna sleep well now.

  4. Justice is served only when TDM is charged in court and jailed. Let's pray that it will happen soon and that he will spend the rest of his life in jail.

  5. Some are born great.

    Some achieve greatness.

    Some have greatness thrust upon them.

    DSAI have all these in him and a burning desire to make malaysia a better place for the rakyat.

    Long live Pakatan Rakyat, long live Ketuanan Rakyat.


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