Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Return

Meanwhile, we have Samy Velu and Khir Toyo accusing one another over the destruction of temples in Selangor. Quite obviously one of them is a liar.

Read the Malaysiakini reports here, and here.

At the same time, some 'desperate housewives' also tried to cheat and do a number on the rakyat by manipulating huge funds placed at their disposal.

Liars and Cheats. What a combination.


  1. I wonder whether he knows everyone in Selangor now considers him a compulsive liar who gotta tell bigger and bigger lies to live up to his reputation. Obviously he doesn't now that his missus has caught the habit too. This lying thing is contagious. Or does it affect only people close to him like that Tanjung Sepat dude and the penghulu kampong tumbuk.

    Stay away from him, man. He's got something contigious that won't go away.

  2. Dear Captain,

    Everyday we are not spared of some stink in the works that reaches the high heavens.

    I wonder and dread how much lower will those who are and have been in power stoop tomorrow.

    Don't these people know what is shame and disgrace anymore?

    Have they all lost their rudders of integrity and intention (or niat) so much so that they seem blind to what the man in the street is saying about them in reference to their rubbishing?

    Indeed, the rakyat was not wrong in voting for a hopeful future by casting their vote in the contrary afterall then?!

    If these sagas are not corruption then what else could it be?

    J. D. Lovrenciear,

  3. hey ancient mariner! i think i saw you briefly on tv :) i have some comments to make on liars and cheats. yep, i agree. it is natural for the opposition that with their lust for power and the sheer goal to gain the support of the people (and in his case, to be PM) they will cover up all their weaknesses and put on a sugar-coated outlook in order to please everybody.. but when they DO get in power, they don't keep to their promise - they lie to people to gain support, and cheat even more when they get in power. amongst all the 'protagonists' in this political drama, i find it hardest to trust anwar as his integrity is hardly credible anymore. all politicans know him for his weakness (which is the lust for power) and because of that, he says different things to different people. i find his lack of consistency rather disturbing. and what's MOST disturbing is not everyone has the 'radar' to 'detect' such lies.

  4. capt, are you still surprised by the action of those wives? I wasn't. I expected them to behave the way they did. Why?? If the BOSSES cheated what do you expect from their wives? Follow the bosses. This cancerous behaviour which has been plaguing our nation for the last quarter of a century has to be stopped. Otherwise, there will be no Malaysians worth anything in the next few generations! They will be avoided by the whole world! Just look at the behaviour of certain African nations, no one will come near us. Every time people talk of Malaysians, they will associate us with this cancerous behaviour!! Certainly PR has to take steps to end all these corruptionS. wipe them clean off the table!!

  5. phillix,

    i totally agree, politicians will always be politicians! It is POWER not the PARTY that is spoiling the leaders.

    So we'll never know whether the opposition will really walk the talk of their manifestos now the election is over. we'll see.


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