Friday, October 03, 2008

Enemies in the Blanket

At this point in time, I do not really envy Anwar Ibrahim. The Sun online reports, here, that DAP national chairman Karpal Singh said any crossover by MPs to Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is “deplorable and unethical”. He also said PR should not rely on “traitors and disloyal elements” from Barisan Nasional (BN) to form a new federal government.

Karpal now joins Tan Seng Giaw and Lim Guan Eng (responding to media request to comment on Tunku Aziz's (who?) statement on crossover MPs ...

With friends like these, who needs enemies.

Personally, I have no qualms about people who want to jump ship if it is for the common good. Morality be damned. The country is going to the dogs and I am all for whatever it takes to put this right. (Read my earlier posting: "And now, a word about jumping ship ... ", here).

My blogger friend Shar101 asks: Is UMNO’s future path and survival synonymous with the national agenda?

He opines, "top most in terms of a national agenda particularly after BN’s disastrous outing in GE12 is national reconciliation which UMNO, with its present ‘hand-me-down’ leadership transition plan, is ill equipped to provide because its own democratic reforms are virtually non-existent."

Disgruntled UMNO and BN MPs who want to jump ship should be welcomed with open arms. The national agenda should always take precedence.


  1. There is some logicin what Karpal said but I have to agree with you, Captain, that for the good of the nation, "morality be damned". We have been most patient and I hope Anwar has a good plan and stays strong. Umno is desperate to cling on to power and can cause havoc.

  2. If these BN MPs who are crossing over are doing so for the national good then it is laudable, but not if they have been bought.

  3. We sometimes forget that jumping ship can happen in either direction. I think many of the MPs are elected based on the party they represent, not based on their own individual stand. Very few get elected as independent, and one that I remember is the person who always use the kunci symbol in Penang.

    So perhaps there should be a law that requires a person to go back to the electorate to confirm his representation should he jump ship. The current law disqualifies a person from resigning and re-standing for election.

    I think the issue is that if you form a govt from disgruntled MPs who jump ship, what is there to prevent the same MPs from jumping ship again? Instead of a flip-flop MP, we will be having a flip-flop govt.


  4. Dang! I knew that ringing sensation had to come from somewhere close.

    Capt, if not the x-over option, then choose the 3rd Front. Then, DAP should be appeased. Don't know about AI or PAS though. But what the heck, if these MPs move away from UMNO, BN loses their mandate to administrate anyway. Hence, the possibility of a unity government which may be a good deal till 2013.

    Discounting the morality factor, the coalition of the willing ain't willing just yet.

    And I wonder why.

    If they don't, perhaps power, positions and contracts are the end-game. But if they do, then national reconciliation can begin in earnest.

  5. We do have to acknowledge principles of high integrity. Karpal was right about it.

    But if those MPs from the bn side are jumping ship as they are on fire , no way can we stops them.
    It is a matter of how and why they the bn MPs jumps.

    It is just like stopping the Hindraf & anti-ISA at the open house. But Hindraf were not there to protest.
    They were there to pass their greeting cards and a teddy bear.
    But the AlBlur fella said it was an insult to islam!
    How can anti ISA be seen as insulting his religion?
    So, it is a matter of how they do it.

  6. But what is the National Agenda?

    What I know is, something that I subscribed to together with a few other political parties in the nature of People's Parliament's Declaration.

    That document seems to have been buried snce March 8th. Can wego back to that document?

  7. Dear all,
    Regardless of your misgivings you might have on Karpal, he is truly a man of principles.
    Which I vehemently disagree that his acheivement is lower than JBJ. JBJ, I am sorry. I have been in Singapore for 15 years and still counting. I have known JBJ enough to comment. But Karpal is several notches lower than JBJ. I say, just smell my foot.
    He's just squandered the opportunity. By the way, if you are sympathised with long list of defamation suits against JBJ, but hey, he is tried in court. Fair trial. Not kenna thrown into prison without trial.
    By the way, his sons are spared from discrimation. I can tell you guys this, I don't have such luxury.


  8. Enemies in the Blanket - YES I sense that too. You're Captain Sensible. SHR dan MZB.

  9. Karpal has high principles, but correctness and legal exactitudes should take backstage for the larger good. All's fair in love and war and the Malaysian political scene. When BN uses every trick in the book, and more, to remain in power, and when they bleed the country dry, and they manipulate all governmental machineries for their own selfish purposes and illegal gain, Karpal should not treat this as a gentleman's game. When you are being robbed, it is not a sin to hide your valuables and lie to your malefactor; you don't be the gentleman and declare, I cannot tell a lie, look behind that door!

  10. Well if these BN guys do not cross-over, we will have to wait for another 5 years. By that time there is nothing left to salvage from this country.
    It is okay for some old politicians to be "principled" as they may not see the day but please consider our plight or at least the plight of your grandchildren.
    When we vote for our MP, we put our trust on that person to work for our interest. Thus if crossing over is in the best interest of his constituents, then just do it.

  11. What do you expect when you sup with the devils? - a bunch of self-serving opportunists who have been at it since the 60s.

    Also you have to be more discriminating about your choice of bedfellows unless you're an opportunist yourself.


  12. CAPT this why the country has and will go to the dogs be it bn or pr when you say morals are not a issue.You live in klang and don't tell me you haven't seen or heard on how the life of the new state assemblyman from p'klang has changed.Capt in politics they are all the same between a thief and a robber the only thing they know is menyamum.

  13. The PR is almost there already (forming the Fed Govt) provided we work as a team. It's unfortunate if we were to lose the chance to serve Malaysians better, because of squabbles amongst ourselves. Opportunity doesn't come often. Grab it as soon as it appears at yr doors!! Unethical? Ethically the present Fed Govt shouldn't be there in the first place. They narrowly won it unethically. See how the supposedly neutral referee (SPR) behaved themselves to deny level playing field. See how Govt machinery was used with impunity. And the long list goes on...

    frm: practical-minded

  14. Dear capt,

    Those BN MPs who wants to join PR are the real wants to be given to the dogs.Theres no sense of wanting to serve the rakyat except to take care of their seats.

  15. “deplorable and unethical” is ok with you as long as your MCKK boy gets to be PM ? the country has gone to the dogs captain ,and you say its ok to buy over barisan MP'S ? same shit different goverment . hmmm

  16. Aye Captain

    First of all, Selamat Hari Raya.

    I personally don't agree with crossovers but there's no law stopping it happening. So let us wait for Oct 13, shall we, captain?

    The very reason that Karpal and the rest to publicly announced NOW their disagreement is because they don't foresee it happening. Did they distance themselves from the idea in the beginning?

  17. Captain,
    Yes morality be damned!
    However, Karpal does have a point in wanting to avoid greedy opportunists out to sabotage and use victories of the PR thus far.
    The fear of "sabo" by moles is very real, and all parties in PR know that only too well.

    The "subversives" are real smart at this - don't underestimate them. They already have some success at this at present ....

    But then again, nobody said that a "crossover" means being "IN" Pakatan, right?
    Even supporting a new coalition could be deemed a "crossover" right?
    That way, both sides win .....


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