Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Perlis Mufti to Quit

There is a 'strong possibility' that religious leader Dr. Asri Zainul Abidin (photo) will quit at the end this month as the Mufti of Perlis. Malaysiakini reports, here, that he may retire one year early instead of serving out his full term till October 2009.

Dr. Asri confirmed reports of rumours that he will retire much earlier after serving as a state Mufti since 2006. He said he is under "great pressure" to do so but refused to elaborate. Internet reports have made much of the fact that he has been extremely vocal on several issues including the recent use of the Internal Security Act (ISA) by the government to arrest dissidents. (Read my earlier posting: 'Whither the Muftis?", here).

In light of the PM's power transition plan, Dr. Asri has written in his blog "Minda Mufti", here, on the responsibility of Muslims to choose leaders with integrity. He also pointed out that leadership change among Muslims is a major issue and leadership posts are not "spoils of war" to be divided at will amongst them.

I have only one request for the good Dr. Asri as his last hurrah before retiring: Issue a fatwa banning the use of the ISA ...


  1. This is a geat lose. May be Dr. Asri could continue serving in one of the Pakatan Rakyat states? What say you PKR, PAS & DAP?

  2. salam!

    if i'm not mistaken,he (Dr.Asri) used to write quite a talk-about poem.now it may seems like the poem that he wrote is about him.

  3. In Umno-Islam, it is either behave as we want by going along our dirty "Hadhari" thing or get out. In Umno, if you are a moral being, you would lose out bcoz that doesn't work with them. I wish him well and he needs to know that Malay youth are not ready for Umno today or 2moro. So, he can join us by pushing out this evil regime that defiled Islam and all nobles ideals of humanity.

  4. It is better for him to be independent. Ya i agree he is one of the best mufti. Imagine he is so popular among the younger generation that my children age 12 & 14 and their friends ( all of them are in International schools) never miss reading his weekly write-ups in Mingguan Malaysia.

  5. A fatwa on ISA? Right on, capt sir!

    After all, all our ulamas are wont to say: Yang haram tetap haram!

  6. oh my god ,the mufti quits ? what are we gonna do about this ? are we doomed by this ? please god save us from this bad omen.Thanks for highliting this captain, we can do something before its too late .

  7. My qtn is why ban ISA, its the implementation that is under abuse. Personally I still believe the ISA is still relevant same as the Patriot Act used by Uncle Sam

  8. Yo Capt,

    Wouldn't it be just cricket if the good doctor can issue a fatwa to ban the usage of the ISA.

    On the other hand, if it happens, will there be an avalanche of anti-fatwa fatwas from the opposing Hardhari-compliant muftis?

    Sort of my swearing is bigger than your swearing thingy!

    Meanwhile, it's kinda strange that the ulama fraternity did not chastise RPK earlier when he published the supposedly offending articles in MT but Jakim filed a complaint AFTER RPK was detained at KDC, as if to justify SHA's act of signing the detention orders.

    And the one that takes the cake - SHA was satisfied with the police investigations that the articles were detrimental to national security. Wow! Since when did the RMP become experts on theological matters or interpretation?

  9. Captain,
    Not only his kind is very rare, we tend to lose them early too.



    RUJUK >> http://TeamPemudaUMNO.blogspot.com

  11. dr asri telah pun membuat kenyataan bahawa ISA itu tidak islamic.sila lawat 'minda mufti'

  12. Maybe he was asked to leave simply because his remarks causes many sleepless nights for those guilty ones. If I remembered correctly, was he the one mentioning in a poetry that we should not allow a thief to replace a robber ? I stand to be corrected if I've misquoted.

    Sadly in our society today, those that are with integrity are the one that are sidelined because they just don't tow the line or rather they have their conscience intact. God saves this nation from more moral decay perpetuated by the ruling parties warlords in wanting to have more and more forgetting the poor, helpless and needy of this nation.

  13. he is a Mufti i have great respect for. he stands up excellently for islam.
    I think he is too independent for the liking of UMNO and therefore is now being asked to leave.
    good, may be he should join PR to fight for a better Malaysia.

  14. I am not a muslim. I am just a nescafe or a kafir here.
    I found that all the advises from Dr. Mohd Asri to be very logical and acceptable.
    The Dr. Mohd Asri have always use polite terms and cares to explain.
    Unlike the other religious hot shot who sling shot with words like " Amaran ! Jangan cabar Islam ".

    The Mohd Asri is nearly the same as what RPK wrote before. Just that RPK presentation on Islam is more on catchy tone .
    Or simply more readable.
    It is clear that Malaysians from all walks of life loves both of them.( RPK and Dr Asri ).
    Only the umno folks dislike them

  15. Afterall State Mufti is only a post in the government . Government servant comes and go. You like it you take it, you dont likeit you leave it.

    ISA. I'm over 50, and I dont see any harm to me except maybe for those who like to look for trouble.

  16. dr asri? well i dont know.. i think he's just playing to the gallery touching on religiously non-substantial but popular issues to gain mindshare to gingerly advance his wahabi leanings among religiously unsophisticated populations of traditionalist. in wahabi land whose ulama are known to be quick issuing fatwa on thing they disagree he might well issue one for the ISA but not here in malaysia.

    dr asri observer


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