Friday, October 17, 2008

Scaredy Cops

I could hardly believe my eyes when I read today's the Star online report, here, that a police beat base in the Chow Kit area of downtown Kuala Lumpur was closed down because it was in a location that was considered unsafe, according to Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar.

In a written reply in parliament to Dr Lo’ Lo’ of PAS, Syed Hamid said the beat base was located in a "dirty" area where there was a possibility of being exposed to contagious diseases. "The presence of criminals also posed a threat to the safety of police officers," he said.


Dr Mohd Hatta of PAS then suggested that Syed Hamid resign if he is worried about the safety of police in that area. "Maybe it would be better to put the beat base in army barracks,” he said. “The police are there to make a place safe. If they themselves are scared and run away, then how can we hope for others to want to be there?"

He adds, “And what is this about contagious diseases on Jalan Haji Taib? The only kind of contagious diseases that are present there are sexually-transmitted ones. Is the minister scared that his charges will contract such diseases?"

He probably have never heard of "safe sex" either.

Read also my friend Shar101's take on this, here.


  1. Yo Capt,

    Yer couldn't resist it either, could yer?

    Macam2 boleh di Malaysia, yah Pak.

  2. Prince said.:

    Dear Pak Yusof...

    Pak Hamid ni buat statement yg memalukan Negara jer..Menteri Bangang ke aper...?

    My late father was a Police Officer, we are very proud of him..kerana berkhidmat dengan Berani Jujur dan Amanah.
    Dapt rase senagn sikit bila dia dah pencen..tapi sekejap..kerana kene tipu dengan .Rakan Konsi yg Berniaga dgn dia..Ini lah selalu jadi kat org2 yg lurus ..

    Come back to POLICE BEAT BASE...
    Kalau menteri boleh kata..kawasan Chow Kit itu KOTOR ..TAK SELAMAT dan lain2...


    APER..PAK HAMID NI INGAT HANYA PM MALAYSLAYSIA JER yg layak diberi tempat kerja / tinggal bersih dan SELAMAT....

    Ni lah kalau dah lama asyik menipu orang...alasan2 yg pelik pelik di beri..

    cakap lah pondok beat ditutop..pas tu kita bina dilokasi yg lebih strategik ..untuk memberi kesenagan kepada rakyat2 kat chow kit..

    Hello Pak Hamid..itu macam pun wa kene ajar lu jer....??

  3. i am facinated with the headlines today. Using the famous Home Minister's measure, Can we not arrest our men in blue (for their protection of course) while they are at the based. A less barbaric measure may just be chastity belts.

    Chung, Felize

  4. To, All Malaysian
    U all are safe now. No one will come and ask tea money.

  5. What is the point of setting up the beat base at the first place? to make the place more safer duh! Now the place will forever remain unsafe, thanks to our briliant home minister! err..the police officer shall from now on be put in a safe place only such as kindergarden, school, government offices..etc

  6. He looks and sounds more and more like someone who has just escaped from some Hospital Bahagia, manages to get to Seri Perdana and convinces our sleeping PM into believing that he actually makes the best Home Minister in Malaysia. That's why we are getting all these weird statements coming out of his mouth.

  7. "Polis Raja Di Malaysia",...kecuali di kawasan Chow Kit!

  8. Hi Dad,

    Someone should do a tally on which Minister says the most number of ridiculous end of year, we do a compilation of all these statements and send him a trophy.

    I think we know who's leading at the moment....hahahaha

  9. Hi Capt Yusof,

    I sincerely hope that the Tourism Minister will take note of her colleague’s reply in the Parliament. Tourist coming to KL needs to be forewarned of danger of entering into this area. She may want put up signages (read more negotiated contracts) that warn people/tourist that they are entering into this area at their own peril.

  10. Hi there Capt sir,

    Quote.." How did these jokers pass muster?" n " Surely we Malaysians deserve better." How true.:-)

  11. When the Head says such things, can you blame anyone for the widely held perception that our men in blue are a BIG dissappointment?

    In any other right-minded nation, that Head would have rolled and even quickly resigned.

    But in Boleh-land we laugh it off while the powers that be take us on for fools.

    So who says Malaysia is NOT ruled by the underworld?

    Going, going, gone!!!!!!

  12. Ahoi Capt,
    Sometime back a friend told me of trick in identifying a good eating stall. He said that the best places are usually patronised by the cops. How true!

    Now I know how to locate a safe place in KL. If the cops are around, that place is safe but alas it is not because of the cops that the place is safe it just that the place is safe for them to hang around!!!

    As citizens, we would expect them to clean up the place and we all know that they have enormous resources for that. How irresponsible can our servants (well they are paid by our income tax don't they?)be!!

    Need to get Zorro to put our IGP into his fart chamber.

    This is a good example of the term "COP OUT"

    Have a good weekend Capt

    Capt Sedov

  13. Captain Sir,
    This minister didn't do his homework before coming to Parliament to answer a written question.
    I wonder what mistakes he could have made when he was in Foreign Affairs?

  14. zawi

    didnt he lose the island to our neighbour? rais came into the picture later as foreign minister and proudly declare its win-win after getting some pebbles in return.
    correct me if I am wrong, readers.
    anyway, should the police charge him under Section 28 of the ISA since this fella has placed the police in such bad light? surely, the police are not scared of criminals, are they?


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