Tuesday, March 03, 2009

High Noon in Perak

Perak is in deep shit. Will Dr Zambri's de facto Barisan Nasional (BN) government which has called any attempt to hold an emergency sitting of the state assembly this morning a “threat to national security”, declare emergency rule today? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

Its crystal clear to all and sundry that BN wants to cling on to power by any and all means by trying to stretch to the limits its advantage of incumbency to prevent a vote in the assembly today, which it may lose. I am also shocked at the way the police and state civil servants are also getting into the act which I believe is completely unwarranted.

Amidst the flurry of activity with the Executive now getting involved in the affairs of the Legislature, the one man who can put a stop to all this madness is keeping mum. Whither the Sultan?


  1. dah tua pon cakap 'deep shit'


  2. Who you calling 'tua', YB?

    Anyway read my earlier posting on S.H.I.T, here:

  3. capt

    His Majesty has been used once for the initial takeover. if he is used again, i doubt he will say anything in the rakyat's favour

  4. Captain

    I am totally bewildered by the ELEGANT SILENCE of the Perak Monarch. When Nizar wanted to dissolve the State Assembly, the Monarch was deep into the political affairs of the state, creating more of a mess by sacking the MB knowing full well he can't do that as lawyers have argued. Now with the state in deep shit, as you rightly said, the monarch's silence is deafening.

    All the respect showered on the Perak Palace from the monarch and to the Crown Prince prior to the March 8 election and soon after, have gone down to you-know-where.

    Disappointing and feeling let-down by the royalties is an understatement

  5. Capt,

    Are yer sure that 'YB' is the real Mccoy or a fake?

    Kinda strange if he's not in agreement with you considering the WCK we know is from PR.

    Unless..... but that's another story which I'll share with you on another day.

    Meanwhile, I wonder how long it will take for the Perak Sultan to finally realise that dissolving the state assembly for a fresh mandate from his 'subjects' is the only option left so that we can get on with our lives.

    As it is, state instruments like the judiciary and the PDRM are being abused and misused to twat .. errr... thwart natural justice.

    Proper governance took a back seat while Hanging-On-To-Power rule the Day.

  6. shar101,

    Must be him cos I bumped into him at Anwar's talk in Shah Alam last saturday.

    if not, well YB can also mean other things ... heheh

  7. Hello Ancient Mariner

    Wither the ball is still not at his court so y bother?

    However if being 'The Wise One' for who he's always been, having the humility n courage to return the right of choice back to the rakyat will certainly mark him as The Man of The Century

    Let's just wait n c what'll happen...n your guess is just as good as mine

    my humble two cents worth


    haji muhammad bin abdullah @ tan wah guan

  8. I agree with Eyes Wide Open that the Sultan may not decide in favor of the rakyat. Things are just too obvious, look at the State Secretary and the police..

  9. Capt one goon that should be hung upside down is that monkey of a state sec,who acts as though he holds a umno life membership.

  10. Hi Capt - in my opinion, HRH the Sultan of Perak is now caught in a kind of Catch22. If he does not allow the State Assembly to be dissolved, he will continue to earn the wrath of the rakyat of Perak. And if he agrees to the dissolution of the State Assembly, he would have to contend with the likes of Najib, Zambry, Rosli and not forgetting those UMNO goons. I guesss even if he was to agree with Datuk Nizar, it will come as too little too late.
    He should have listened to Datuk Nizar in the first place by going back to the people for a fresh mandate.

  11. The BN robbers must be held responsible for this. They robbed the people of Terengganu of oil royalty. Then they robbed the people of Perak of their govt. Memang perangai perompak. I think Botak Chin will be ashamed of them.

    frm: xxx

  12. Dear Capt,
    Out there, some little birds are saying that our beloved Sultan wanna test the legal system. Only sad that we becomes the collateral damage.

  13. From the layman's point of view, it appears that the only and democratic way to solve the Perak impasse is for the Sultan to dissolve the State Assembly (both the BN and PR led ones) and call for snap elections. And expenditure should be the least of their problems!

    In this way, democracy will be seen to be effected and justice will be seen to be served. PR will be appeased and win or lose, a little of BN's credibility will seep back (to a little extent). And the reverence for the Malay Rulers especially one as learned as Sultan Azlan will be restored to some extent.

    However, seeing that there are numerous suits and countersuits being thrown around, it may take a little longer for the Istana to come out with the eagerly awaited pronouncements.

    What you and I fear is the growing unrest and the split right down the middle of the Malaysian polity!

  14. People,
    It's time to sue the Sultan. It's accorded in the constituition. If the court sided BN, sooner or later BN will die. All investors would flee



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