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Letter to PAC

22 September 2007

YB Dato’ Shahrir Samad

Public Accounts Committee.

All Members,
Public Accounts Committee.

YB Dato’,


As a concerned citizen I strongly believe that the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has a moral responsibility to the rakyat to seriously look at the massive cost overrun that has taken place in the development of the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ). I also strongly believe that PAC should rightfully address the issue of possible Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT) on the part of the officers given responsibility to carry out this project and not restrict themselves as to whether the project is indeed a ‘bail-out’. The issue of a bail-out has become that of public concern due to the commitment given by the Prime Minister when he took over office. One should not however forget as to why this bail-out comes about. I have reasons to believe total mismanagement with intention to cheat the Government and to amass ill-gotten gains seems the reason for the massive cost overruns. All issues from the very beginning to the final commitment to a tune of RM4.6 billion were carried out without moral responsibility, accountability and good governance towards the organization and the nation.

2. In this regard, I would like to appeal to the Committee to seriously take into consideration the various issues under two sub-headings that have been raised in the attached document. One is related to bail-out. The next which I believe is more serious, is the issue related to a CBT. In my opinion this is a serious matter as this has become a point of contention among Malaysians. If this is not addressed and the culprits brought to book, what will become of rules, regulations and procedures? I am certain that if these are not adhered to, it will lead to a total collapse of the Government machinery.

Best regards,

Capt. Yusof Ahmad
The Ancient Mariner


  1. Captain Sir, a most appropriate post. Right between the eyes, but not below the belt. If the PAC does not give an answer, then it is another government vehicle to distract.....gutless, toothless,a puerile ploy engineered to deceive and demean us concerned citizens. Press on good captain until the worms come out of the woodwork.You joining us on Wednesday to walk with the Bar Council.

  2. Captain,
    Keep the fire burning. Only continous effort will pressure the PAC to act. Should they fail to do anything we will have something to speak on the notoriority of the present government with regards to public fund in the coming GE. Now more laymen on the street is aware of the PKFZ fiasco. PKFZ is just one of them and there are many more already exposed and as many more are yet to be made known.

  3. pardon me, capt yusof for my pessimism. the principal behind this scam, being the UMNO treasurer is untouchable now. this is nothing new if we remember the Renongs and UEMs sagas.
    The MCAs and Sarawkians are there to do his bidding; but abettment is just as guilty as the perpetrator, isnt it?
    If it isnt the above, why the hasty bail-out? The PAC hearing is no more than a charade. afterall, sharir is just a pawn and at the end of the day he is below the UMNO treasurer, in rank and influence.
    Capt Yusof, your work has been exemplary and may God always bless you and your family.

  4. just as i predicted, the charade is on as the PAC is reported to be happy with the valuation of the land. whats next? no hanky panky, afterall and there goes our billions into the pockets of the UMNO treasurer. come next year, petrol and gas prices are going to jump a few notches coz the government will tell you it doesnt have the funds to subsidise the high oil prices. bullocks, it can lined up the pockets of the thieves and we taxpayers have to suffer for it. mind you, this is net oil exporting nation!!!

  5. Capt.YA, I admire your determination and persistence in pursuing this shameful issue. Even if they decided to close both eyes on the issue, we are proud for what you have done.

    Hope more Malaysian will stand up for their right in the future.

  6. Anon 1105.
    I disagree. Believe me the UMNO treasurer in this project behave like a true"Ali Baba" partner. He gets a commission and he leaves it to 2 individuals to plot the scam; the Bintulu MP and Minister of Transport.These are the 2 principals in the fiasco. UMNO treasurer at the helm is for protection that in case something go wrong UMNO can come in to protect.
    So I disagree with you on the principal pepetrators but I however agree on your pessimism about no action.
    On another matter watch the News on tv3 today and PAC is very much concerned with the purchased of overpriced land. Whilst that is true but that accounts only RM 1 billion. After that RM3.6 bill was spend without following procedures with absolutely overpriced contracts awarded to Kuala Dimensi. Indeed for this project it was the contractor telling Port Klang really what to do using public's money.This was possible because both the Minister of Transport and its appointed Port Klang GM is part of the scam.
    Now if all the above comments sound unfair why don't Mr Chan Kong Choy comes out and deny and put it on record that there is no fiasco in PKFZ. He has not uttered a word on this one and he is the responsible minister on this matter.So the Captain is right to pursue this matter.
    Captain I congratulate you for your tenacity on PKFZ.

  7. Today i read press reports on PKFZ with alot of pessimism on the credibility of PAC. It appears to me the Chairman is trying to find a loophole somewhere to say its not really a serious matter. They are calling the AG for clarification on why AG recommended for land acquisition rather than to buy from Kuala Dimensi. What for? Any informed person will be able to explain that the AG recommended for acquisition of the land because the law allows for it, if it is for public purpose and it will save public money. However it is not done because this will only benefit the Rakyat and not the company Kuala Dimensi. Because of that the decision was to buy the land at huge premiun rather than to acquire at a lower price. So come on PAC members please earned our respect.
    The public is watching you and all your credibility is at stake.
    Captain, we need to steer to course. PAC lost their way now.

  8. Dear Cap'n,

    Just dropping by to record my condolence on your loss. Just read about it at Rocky's and Ena's.

    Also a belated Selamat Berpuasa to you and yours.

  9. The cause is just, the road is long and arduous,but the goal is achievable Captain Yusof. Naysayers, the doubting Thomas, the faint-hearted, the weak-hearted and those who run from any conflict will always give up, saying 'we better make the best of a bad job'; such cowardice, complaisance and
    subservience is one of the root causes of the corruption and abuse of power which is so prevalent in Malaysia these days. The PKFZ is a minfestation of this moral decay.

  10. capt, bravo for all your efforts,matiners and waterfront workers are known for their tenacity b'cause we were trained to be! Even at 4%, at $4.7 B, the interest amounts to $168 M yearly, assuming that the operating cost is $7 M yearly ,the total would be $175M. with a gainful acreage of 700 acre, the bloke who failed his SPM maths will know that the average holding cost is $0.49 per sq. ft per mth to break even. And I was told the initial rate offered is only $1.80 / sq. ft / year! They knew from day-one, this project would not be marketable as a business venture.It would appear that the $4.7 B would be a starter course, like in the 7 stars restaurant and the yearly short falls will of course the responsibility of LPK! Finally, capt, make and offer and collect your management fees.No losers only tax payers', you and me!

  11. Captain

    Don't expect anything from this kepala butoh of a liar and traitor. His latest lie below:

    “I asked a hell lot of questions, more than the questions that (the minister) wanted to answer,” Tan, the DAP’s Kepong parliamentarian told Malaysiakini today.

    According to him, the minister however avoided questions on the ECM Libra Avenue merger and merely wanted to comment about other matters relating to government-linked companies (GLCs) in general.

    The two other PAC members who quizzed Nor were Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (PKR-Permatang Pauh) and Kamaruddin Jaafar (PAS-Tumpat).

    “Shahrir himself did not ask question on ECM Libra but only on GLCs. I don’t know why he made the claim (that no question was asked), he should just shut up,” an annoyed Tan said.

    I've written tons about this ECM Libra PAC and Shahrir bullshit. Read here.


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