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PKFZ - Shahrir O Shahrir

Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairman Dato Shahrir Samad (photo) was one year my junior and my brother Kassim's classmate in MCKK more than 40 years ago. I dont really remember him being particularly outstanding in school but as reported by Malaysiakini yesterday, he must have outdone himself when he declared that the PKFZ problem "may be bigger than what was reported in the media."

I say brudder dont we all know that already.

After PAC's handling of the ECM Libra-Avenue Capital issue, not everyone is holding his breath when PAC called Lembaga Pelabuhan Klang (LPK) officials for an inquiry into the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal yesterday. Now's probably a chance for them to redeem themselves. Shahrir also told reporters after the meeting in Parliament that it resulted in more questions than answers. "We will be meeting LPK officers again during the fasting month to further clarify issues surrounding the PKFZ,” he said. The next meeting will also see the participation of the Valuation Department and Securities Commission.

OK, so now we are getting somewhere. It must be borne in mind that these people are above all, civil servants. A probable stock answer must surely be the same used by Nazi generals at the Nuremberg trials: Saya menurut perintah.

So who gave the orders?

Is it true that port officials were forced to sign cheques and documents against their will and had to do so under protest?

The inquiry will be conducted during the holy month of Ramadan. So boys and girls remember that kalau bohong nanti berdosa tau? Remember that God will be watching and the rakyat will be watching.

The whole bloody world will also be watching us now.


  1. you think they care about whether its the holy month? afterall, such theivery in the first place is surely not sanctioned by God. the money trail will lead to who's who's involvement in this theft of state assets. and comradeship will cover up the rest.
    dont be disappointed, Capt Yusof that the outcome will be as I allude above though I know you would still give the benefit of the doubt to Sharir.

  2. in all probability god is dead for nobody seems to be bothered, haha too busy enjoying the $$$$$$$$$!
    u would won't u if you have that many ?

  3. No faith at all with this fellow sharir.

    Just like the ecm-libra case, after some very harsh statement, finally everything is done aboveboard. CASE CLOSE

    This will be the same for PKFZ

  4. Mereka ni tak pernah takut dengan tuhan. Kalau takut, masalah ini tak timbul dari mulanya. Sekarang nak harapkan mereka tak bohong? Mereka sudah menyembah tuhan baru yang dipanggil "wang", dan takut serta tunduk kepada manusia yang berkuasa saja.

  5. The way the 'probe' or 'investigation' goes, it does smell similarly like the ECM BigBra case where it results in NOTHING.

    The biggest loser will be us, the rakyat, saddled with 4.6 Billion debt.

  6. So many 'fishy' activities at the port ahhh Capt? And who are they trying to bluff here? We, THE RAKYAT????

  7. Captain,

    Can I hazard a guess that SS do read your blog for pointers?

    Perhaps, in the need to unravel the mystery of this over-budget PKFZ project, a comparison should be made on the 'disparity' of minutes of meetings (paper trail) held by JAFZA and their then local partners. PAC's investigations will not bear fruit if JAFZA's contentions are not taken into account. JAFZA were, until recently, an integral partner of the project, therefore, must be deemed complicit or innocent of any wrongdoing. The outcome of PAC's probe will have an impact on the nation's future dealings with foreign investors.

    While it is also important to get on the money trail (and bring the crooks to justice), it is equally important to realise that there will be evidences buried within these 'paper trail' decisions made by the perpetrators.

    In other words, follow the paper trail to trace the 'pemerintah'.

    Meanwhile, for SS to declare that the PKFZ problem 'may be bigger than what was reported in the media', is this an admission that the alternative media i.e. blogs were more accurate and truthful? And that the MSM has been instructed to 'gloss over' the fiasco?

    P.S. The holy month of Ramadan applies only to the piously inclined, not the ones who rob in broad daylight and claim innocence by nightfall.

  8. Dont put too much hope on this toothless PAC. It is put there as a window dressing to give some semblance of transparency. SS has a master to serve and he will serve him well to take care of his own interest. Otherwise SS will be history come next election.
    Who else is there in this government that we can rely on? I cant see any.

  9. capt,we are with you.SS may have had failed us under different circumstances but the power that be may requires lambs for the coming election kenduri, maybe this time it will come to pass! At that cost of $4.7 b, we could have reclaimed all the islands around P. Ketam and creat a 92 millions square feet of island at $50 per sq/ft. Any how, we can all wait and see whether they would hide a few of their gang members or suffer through the next election which has to come some time B4 the five years freeze is over!

  10. Since he is your junior, there should not be any problem for Pak Shahrir to get an appointment to see you to facilitate the PAC investigation.

    Unless Pak Shahrir does not think a blogger can help in this matter.

  11. The PKFZ Pirates issue has been on the news for quite sometime now. Make sure it stays until election if the Pirates are not exposed and punished.

    Steady as she goes Capt. Sir !!!


  12. "We will be meeting LPK officers again during the fasting month to further clarify issues surrounding the PKFZ,” he said.

    Note he said fasting month, not September or October. Why? That we have to believe that he is really serious and will not play around this matter during this holy month? That he is warning those responsible for this fiasco to remember what month it is, so please be honest? That we don't know what a red herring is?

    This is all about trying to garb yourself with the halo of holiness hoping to put people off the scent.

    I dont' want to be churlish about this (you know, the semua tak betul syndrome) and think that anything positive will come out of this, though by now I, like many others, have many good reasons to be.

    You are doing the best you can under difficult circumstances and deserve our full support. You, your spunky little God fearing friend and all the others trying to get some accountability out of this grand theft from a national treasure.

    Many thanks, Captain.

  13. shahrir samad
    ecm-libra sebat
    share his rear, that sum it up
    just a weasel yang suka cakap.

    lost his reputation to absolve ecm libra
    his crooked spin exposed out in open

    so cap, don;t count on it.

    P/S tehy shd invite you for explanation!

  14. Captain,
    Expect another hurried "case-closed" situation....true captain....Shahrir O Shahrir !!!sigh !
    Selamat berbuka Puasa to you and your family.
    Cheers Capt. !


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