Thursday, September 20, 2007


I get the feeling I may have started to sound off like a broken record to some with my seeming 'obsession' and single minded pursuit of this Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) thingy, but what the fish, I reckon I do have some measure of locus standi or whatever since I am a former employee of the port. My simple objective is to see justice done and to throw the book at the crooks involved in this blatant cheating of the rakyat, without fear or favour.

This morning, together with a couple of former port colleagues I went to meet veteran politician and MIC vice president YB Tan Sri Dato Dr. K.S. Nijhar (photo) at his office in Bangsar. The YB is also MP for Subang and a member of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) which will meet again next week on the 25th and 26th September for another round of inquiry into the PKFZ debacle.

The meeting was very cordial and I briefed the YB about points which I have raised earlier in my blogs. I also emphasized the need to call a couple of very important Lembaga Pelabuhan Kelang (LPK) officials who were somehow inadvertently left out during the first inquiry. The main issue is simply to find out why government procedures on matters involving huge sums of money were not followed, which led to the port being saddled with a massive debt and have to be bailed out with a dubious 'soft loan'. The rakyat must be told if there were deliberate attempts by certain quarters to mislead the government for monetary gains and hence they should all be guilty of criminal breach of trust (CBT).

We also discussed the powers and limitations of the AG and PAC and where do we go from here, etc., etc.

Footnote: Above photo is from the Malaysian Parliament website. I had brought my camera but Tan Sri Nijhar politely declined to be photographed with me lest he be accused of trying get publicity to gain political mileage. Sheeesh.


  1. Another step in the right direction.
    You seem to be on a steady course Captain Yusof, and you are making good headway. The momentum is certainly building, the PAC have a vital job to do, and providing they are impartial, resolute and unwavering they should be able to complete their task to a satisfactory conclusion.
    This will then lead to legal action, trials and sentencing of the guily. I wait with eager anticipation.

  2. Dear Captain,

    Thanks for pursuing relentlessly.

    As a mariner, perhaps you may identify with Helen Keller - "Security is mostly a superstition. No children of men have ever experienced it."

    Even if we stay within safe comfort there is no guarantee we are not exposed to risk.

    Helen went on to say, "The only life worth living is taking risk."

    Captain, you are already taking risk by sticking your neck out with such passion.

  3. My kapitan, they are looking for a larger carpet to sweep those "things" under. Flush them out Sir!

  4. Capt,

    You're definitely obsessed with PKFZ.

    The kind that brings a warm glow in the hearts of upstanding citizens.

    Keep plugging em, sir.

    P.S. With the fine investigative and revealing blog postings you've done on this issue, perhaps, one day, politicians would not hesitate to be photographed with a blogger. And ultimately, you may set the benchmark for bloggers to get press accreditation to enter parliament like the MSM. We'll never know, eh Capt.

  5. Dear Captain,

    "A ship is safe in harbour,but that's not what ships are for".

    Keep sailing,captain..

  6. Captain

    While the nation is engulfed in other scandals, we are heartened that you will continue to keep the PKFZ Scandal alive on your blog.

    We cannot allow this PKFZ scandal to be drowned out by other scandals.

    Taxpayers money are being abused and misused to fill the pockets of cronies and politicians. It has to stop and the only way to stop is to bring the crooks to justice.

    The mainstream media have blackout the story.

    Thanks for your effort.

  7. Captain, if each blogger focused on an issue like you have done and pursue it until its ending then it is really a service to the country. For the moment E Kesihatan should be further probed, Nurin's murder by some "animals" need to put pressure until they are caught, the case of judiciary fix seriously require focus attention and etc. We need to form a movement through this media for such action.
    I congratulate you for your gallant efforts on PKFZ and setting an example on how to do it.

  8. Even as this fiasco is unfurled, more scandals are being unearthed...the fixing of judges aka the phallus phone calls, the RM7 billion naval vessel scandal,the PGCC, the Batu Buruk murders, etc., etc., ad nauseam. Like the mythical hydra new heads keep growing when one is lopped off - only in this case they have not been cut off. They are hidden and forgotten by a servile and compliant press in cahoots with those slithering in the sewage lines of power, and the legendary forgetfulness of and forgiving Malaysians. How else do you explain voting in these gallow birds in every GE.

    One wonders where the tipping point is or whether there is one. One also wonders how much can any system take before there is a complete breakdown of all sense of civility and morality that guide civilized societies. Or have we reached that point witness the general lack of faith in any public institution and the media, upsurge in crimes, callousness as in the ghastly murder of little children, corruption, and deceit.

    The PKFZ scandal is just one symptom of a serious malady afflicting the Malaysian body - greed and the desire to get rich at all cost.

    I'm sure that having invested your lifetime in honest toil at the Port you more than anyone else would like to see justice done. If and if that happens (I'm trying to be optimistic, here)it will probably be the first case of seeing these criminals get their due. And for the sake of the millions of Malaysians I hope it won't be the last.

    I wish you all the luck. And like they say "stick to your aim; and eventually even the mongrel's hold will slip".

  9. soldier on, capt though the journey will be long and winding.
    irony is one of the principals ( of course a politician) behind this whole scandal is shouting on top of his voice now against the IGP's promotion of certain police officers in East Malaysia who are alledgely to be corrupt. What a IRONY, indeed and what is his real agenda, you ask.

  10. sometimes people refuse to be photographed with someone as they know they'd look ugly standing/sitting beside that someone .... you know what i mean?

  11. Dear Captain,
    This is unprecedented. One man relentlessly taking up on a cause. Lets hope another prominent blogger like you will keep focussing on another misdeed of the government or its representative. As mentioned above by the other commentators, there are so many on the list now. Decide among you who will take up on which issue. Rocky should be the other one to take it head on singlemindedly on one of the issues. Let Malaysia Today handle the issues in general.
    Bravo Captain.

  12. After reading the edgedaily today, my thoughts are this scandal will be covered up. reason? principal behind this scandal is the all powerful treasurer of UMNO.
    Just as they covered up all the past cases involving powerful personalities behind UMNO, this will end up as the same. remember Daim and his gang of looters? its the same game but different personalities only.
    goodbye to the RM4.6 billion, capt yusof. it will not see daylight. forget PM lifting a finger against such corrupt acts . no, he is not a pious and clean muslim leader as he tries to potray himself to be coz he is as guilty as the rest by condoning such corrupt acts.

  13. Unfortunately the PKFZ issue is dying out. Another week from now, nobody will place any priority on it.
    Malaysian Mudah Lupa

  14. ryantkj, That is precisely why the country is decaying.
    The matter must be kept alive, and not be allowed to die.
    This should be so in this case and for every case of plunder, misuse of power, mismanagement, injustice and corruption
    The shit needs to be kept afloat so everyone can see and smell it!
    Then and only then will the tide change.


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