Saturday, November 10, 2007


Today's the day.

In solidarity with today's march for free and fair elections organised by BERSIH at 3pm, I wanted to paint my blog yellow but just couldnt figure out how. Sheesh.

Er, folks, me old sea legs are really meant for pacing the decks of ships and certainly not for city streets or hills and vales, but will try to make it this afternoon if I can get a ride.

See you all there.

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  1. capt.,if one is honest and without blemish then one shoul not fear any exposure! right? Only the dishonest and the 'evil ones' fear bright light and will try to cover every thing even at times, there is nothing to cover up. When you talked of walking the deck of the ship, I always remember the story of two friends who met after havine separated for 25 years. One walked of the saloon as if he was still walking on the deck while the other walked out like he did, after staying in Africa all this time! You wander I am saying, I supose. These crooks will continue to do what they have been doing all these years, this protest is good only for the news. The proper thing for all Malysians to do is to vote ALL honest reps, no matter which party or symbol they come from! Let us put some dignity to Malaysia! We have too many JOKERS in the august building for far too long!


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