Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Por qué no te callas?*

I met Cameron Highlands MP S.K. Devamany in Ijok during the run up to the April by-election (read my blog, here) and I am glad that he had the balls to break ranks in the august assembly to speak up for his people in reference to the Hindraf rally. I believe it didnt go down too well with his peers especially loudmouth Nazri Aziz who had the gall to call the marchers penyangak. Maybe Nazri should learn to put his brain in gear before he opens his big mouth. Or maybe he should just shut up.

The Sunday walk was, to my mind, for whatever reasons right or wrong, simply a cry for help. This government would be making a grave mistake to just ignore this or to pretend it didnt happen. Already many Indians in India and elsewhere are up in arms over this incident. (Read Malaysians Unplugged's report, here).

The Sun in its editorial yesterday said: "In this age of open communication on the internet and instant replays on TV, it would be prudent for the government to adopt progressive methods of engagement and democratic dialogue, lest it is perceived as an inflexible regime that is out of sync with the masses."

So why is the PM telling us all to shut up or else he will use the ISA on us?

And why don't I shut up?

Well, el tougho shito** mi compadres, it will be a cold day in hell before this old salt will pipe down and call it a day.

*"Why don't you shut up?" - King Juan Carlos of Spain to Venezuela’s President Chavez at a recent meeting, sparking a deep rift between the two countries.

Mexican marine for 'tough shit' (?) ...


  1. Hi there, tak sudah ISA? Why dont they investigate on the PKFZ issue? and guess what we have something in common, i'm in shipping and also kampung not far from KGV, hehe....

  2. penyangkak? shit, issuing busloads of taxi licence to one favoured group is not penyangkak?
    nazri, look at the mirror every morning and i wonder whether you still have the appetite for breakfast, mr minister.

  3. The people have a right to speak, what gives the PM the right to tell everyone to shut up?

    The people rule in a democracy, don't they?

    The word democracy is derived from two Greek words, 'demos' and 'kratos'.
    'Demos' means people and 'kratos' means rule.
    Dictatorship is a form of government that has the power to govern without consent of those being governed, while Totalitarianism describes a state that regulates nearly every aspect of public and private behaviour of the people.
    So it looks like the PM is of the opinion that Malaysia is both a Dictatorship and a Totalitarian State rolled in to one.

    With the present bunch of Ministers, Deputy Ministers and some senior civil (public) servants, telling lies, giving out misinformation and generally bringing shame to the country by talking nonsense, the PM would be better off telling the likes of Nazri, Zam, Sami V and others such as Musa, Dr Mohd Ruddin, and many more, to "Shut up"

  4. Captain,
    Nazri was trying to be a hero in the eyes of PM so as to remain relevant for the coming GE. No one seems to realize the necessity to try and do anyform of damage control to make the event less damaging to the already bad image of the nation in terms of freedom of expression. Allowing Hindraf to march peacefully would have been a big face saving act by the government after the 10 eleven march.

  5. Aye Aye Sir. Spot on ye ole sea dog! Sea salt always heals. Anchors aweigh, and steer on Captain.

  6. Hola.. Como estas El-Capitan..

    This 'Nasty' guy makes me embarassed to claim that he was also a kolekian.. Im sure PL has some inkling of his growing unpopularity, but could there someone 'nasty' engineering an impending regime change? Perhaps with The Dep? If it is then its straight out of the pan and into the fire... for the poor rakyat I mean.

    Gracias.. and no one can't shut you up, Sir. Too late in the game for that, eh?

  7. aint no surprise that when it comes to the crunch, he came out with his tails between his legs. he is forgiven now coz he apologises ( for he doesnt know what he was doing when he broke ranks).
    no different from the hamid fella. to echo him, " if i lost my job, who is going to reimburse me for the pay and benefits? you, or for the matter hindraf"
    thats MIC and BN for you. you think they will care two hoots about you?


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