Monday, November 26, 2007


(Source: The Sun)

Yesterday, some 20,000 Malaysians of Indian origin descended in downtown Kuala Lumpur, in defiance of a ban to join a rally organised by the Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDRAF). They were determined to hand over a memorandum to the British envoy, to urge the Queen to appoint a QC to argue Hindraf's US$4 trillion class action suit against the British government for "neglecting the community's welfare after bringing their forefathers to Malaya as indentured labourers 150 years ago". On hand to meet them was the police and other para-military units armed with tear gas and water cannons equally determined to stop them in their tracks. (Read The Sun's report, here).

Although I had misgivings earlier about the rally and thought that perhaps the objective was a bit wishy-washy, I truly respect their right for freedom of assembly etc., and I do believe that some of their grouses are pretty legitimate. I also thought that their Gandhi-style peaceful 'civil disobedience' was a bit of a master stroke and they have indeed made their point loud and clear.

I am not a great fan of British writer Salman Rushdie, but in an article called "In Defense of Multiculturalism" soon after the October 2005 riots or 'civil unrest' by Muslims in France, he wrote: "The French riots demonstrate a stark truth. If people do not feel included in the national idea, their alienation will eventually turn to rage." Yesterday's demonstration was, to my mind, the second successful mass 'people power' rally in this country in recent months. So Pak Lah, Sammy Vellu and their ilk should perhaps wise up, take heed and be afraid.

Be very afraid.


  1. take heed? their cronies will be spending more time on planning the next tolled highway or another humugous scandal which is even bigger than the RM4.7 billion Port Klang Free (Fleece) Zone.
    4 years ago, we all cheer for the sleepy PM. 4 years later, he is still asleep and we all regret.
    the peaceful gatherings are a symptom of his failed administration. and a protest against his falsehood about anti-corruption, freer society and more democratic space.

  2. The wind of change is blowing.
    The times they are a changing.
    The rally was Gandhi v. the Gangsters.
    The public were not only tear gassed and sprayed with high pressure chemical laced water, they were also physically assaulted, and those inside the sacred temple at Batu Caves was tear gassed and water canned too.
    There are many photographs which show these atrocities.
    The entire world has seen all this, and now knows more about the real Malaysia.

  3. It was a big mistake to take the walk with that Uthayakumar guy.

  4. Sir: I too was a bit apprehensive and M'sian Indians being perceived as "lower than low" I was also afraid the authorities would over-react. But I respect their right to assemble, and deep down, I too agree there's some legitimacy to their claims. Salman was right, it is the alienation that turns to rage. Of being left out, oppressed. Yes, notice has been served: MIC, and by extension, BN.

    But I don't see them wising up, taking heed. So why should they be afraid? Their advisors (read: sycophants, 4th floorer's etc)misread the people and PL's administration have lost sight --which may be a good thing. So we can start clean up this whole sorry mess come next GE...

  5. Captain,
    A futile attempt. They should have joined Bersih's 10 Eleven to make the Indian presence better felt. This rally could be held at a latter date but with a more general cause to bind not just Indian Hindus but also of other ethnic and religious groups. The next rally will be more difficult to organize as the present administration may wise up and close all avenues of communications among the organizers and the participants. Nothing is beyond them as seen by the massive road blocks leading to the city.

  6. To the FRU boys and the riot squads and the men in blue.

    You are being used.

    Like Bush's boys in Iraq, you are being used.

    To protect the status quo, and those who have an interest in keeping the status quo.

    To protect those in power so they can rule the country with their brand of governance where greed and cronyism rule.

    So that those in power can continue their high flying lifestyles at the expense of the people and the country.

    When it is all over, you too will be left by the wayside by the same people you so gallantly defend today, to feed off the scraps that will be the country when they have done and finished with it.

  7. Captain,

    I must say alot of my malay friends are missing the point on this Hindraf demo.I keep telling that the message is to draw attention to the plight of the poor in the Indian community. It is not make believe it is a real problem.
    All of us must be absolutely clear that it is not in the interest of this country that any community be identified with poverty or for that matter one particular community has a major share of the wealth. It will lead to friction.Social engineering is required.
    This Hindraf movement must be handled with alot of wisdom.My apologies to say this, but the indian community particularly the poor with nothing to lose ,do have a suicidal tendency compared to the other communities in this country. Stretched that to suicide bombers then we are in serious trouble.
    It need to be handled gently and with care. Anybody listening?

  8. bergen

    take a hike coz you didnt even have one ball to take a walk.
    best you join the minister on the run who issue guarantees of 3.7 billion ( out of 4.7 billion) on behalf of the government for the port klang free trade zone. when pressed, he pleads ignorance about not knowing that he doesnt has the power to issue such guarantees and when pressed further, he is always missing in action. sounds like you bergen and if the doc ling will to do an examination on you, he will probably ask where are your balls. again, take a hike bergen.

  9. Yok hoong

    you hit the nail on its head.This Minister,more of a monster, issued unauthorised Govt guarantee for loans to be taken by Port Klang for the PKFZ project worth 3.7 billion ringgit.All contracts given to a company Kuala Dimensi owned by his friend the MP of Bintulu. The public is now paying to the bank because this letters issued. Whatever is said the truth is all the contracts are absolutely over priced given out without tender.I challenged the Minister lets have an open audit on these contracts should he wish to dispute this statement.
    Yet the minister is stll whistling to office while lesser mortals are prosecuted by the ACA for buying an overpriced screwdriver. This is Islam Hadhari?

  10. anon 23.34

    thanks for being with me.

    now, the CKC fella is trying to bullshit all and sundry about investments generated by the Port Klang Free (Fleece) Zone. For the past days, the state propaganda paper which is STAR is giving excellent and positive coverage on the Fleece Zone.

    Mr CKC, stop lying. we are not even talking about the financial and investment merits. We are talking about corrupt practice here which is:-
    how did the cost balloned from RM1.1 billion to RM4.7 billion.
    how were soveriegn guarantees issued without proper approval from the Ministry of Finance.
    why were cost overruns provision incorporated in the contract which is highly unusual.
    why did PKA bought the land at such a inflated price.

    Please answer these questions before we can even dwell on the merits or demerits of Port Klang Fleece Zone. And talking about financial merits, the interest cost on the project alone is going to be around RM376 million. How much revenue is Port Klang Fleece Zone to generate. What i have read, the revenue is not even going to be sufficient to pay for the interest let alone the principal. Prove me wrong, Mr CKC with your numbers. In any event, why are so evasive in providing financial numbers to justify the collosal investment in this FLEECE ZONE?
    Let me give you the ultimate solution. Follow the classic example from Samy Vellu. OSA the damn documents on this FLEECE ZONE and the story will die a natural death just like all the highway scandals.


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