Friday, November 02, 2007

Is he or isnt he

"Court of Appeal President Datuk Abdul Hamid Mohamed has been named as Acting Chief Justice following Tun Ahmad Fairuz Abdul Halim's retirement /STAR". Many thanks, Zorro for the Star's SMS news alert. (My friend and fellow blogger Rocky also has the story, here.)

It is interesting to note that Judge Abdul Hamid Mohamad was also head of a three-judge panel that overturned the former Deputy PM Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy conviction on 2 Sept 2004.

As a former Anwar classmate, many people have asked me,"Is he or isnt he?". Now let me put this to rest. Since we grew up together as 12 year olds eating the same nasi kawah and bathing naked together in the open shower stalls of the Big School, Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK) more than 40 years ago, we his friends would have noticed or known if he had such 'tendencies'. You cannot really hide these things at that age unless you are an Oscar winning child actor or something. And besides, we sailors can usually smell these types a mile away.

Next question.


  1. Salam Captain,

    Unfortunately, there are too many gullible people out there.

  2. Yo Captain,

    *sounding like captain swallow in Pirates of the Caribean*
    What's the story here? Is he Chief Justice or is he hot? Is he inclined the other way or is he not?

    me thinks he is more inclined towards upholding justice - yes justice, that's all that counts.

    Have a great day, Capt.

  3. If acting means going through the motions of just acting like a Chief Justice without actually being one, then we, or rather the judiciary, are in trouble.

    Furthermore, with prior knowledge of AF's mandatory retirement at 66 being known to all and sundry, why was there no plans by the administration to formulate a smooth transition? AAB's management style leaves a lot to be desired i.e he's neither micro nor macro managing.

    'Acting' becomes necessary when the predecessor dies in office, leaving no time to 'officially' prepare a successor.

    AF's request for an extension, under the current circumstances, gets more tenuous to stomach.

    Still, I wish AH all the best in his endeavors but it would have been better if he had a 'firmer' endorsement. In other words, despite AH's best intentions, he might be handicapped by AAB's miscalculations.

    And when matters comes to a head, AAB chose the path with least resistance without considering the dire ramifications. Therefore, he gets to look stupider(sic) as we go further.

    P.S. AI could be a late bloomer, Capt.*No, this not the next question. Just a rhetorical thought*

  4. Well ... it could develop later.

    It is said that Datok Abdul Hamid, the acting CJ and Datok Alauddin, both the Federal Court judges that voted for Anwar's acquital are from MCKK.

    Care to confirm?

  5. Its looks like the legal scene in Malaysia is heating up and getting more exciting. Overruling the ruling & case between government officers and the government agencies will be the order of the day. Hope BPR will go after the Billion dollars cases now - that will give them a quantum leap in performance.

  6. Mmmm ... was it hot or cold shower, Capt?

  7. next q,

    err...did anyone try the drop-the-soap method?

  8. They may tie me down, have me gagged and blindfolded, and still the rhetorical question will continue to dong..ahem..ring-a-ding in my cranium.

    Sorry, capt. I just hadda say this to flow with the Prez and Wheelie boy while we're waiting for the next gripping episode of the PAC Chronicles.

    *No, this is not...oh, never mind*

  9. Shar101:

    Whatever turns you on, old bean.

    A little bird told me that an ACA party is now in Dubai to meet those involved in the PKFZ debacle, but I cannot confirm this yet.

  10. Hmmm.. this is news to me. But as a "kolek-ian", just as the good ol' sailor man here, and Datuk AH of course, fending-off suspicions of "storing" (main stor), jambu-ing and other forms of homo-eroticisms is normal, especially when one is an alumni of kolek. When allegations against Anwar first came out in '97, people commented, '... ah, budak MC, confirm laa..'. He-he. Nothing could be further from the truth. The assumption is of course our alma mater MC had a higher incidence of homos. I dunno why SDAR, or STAR was never targeted in this way, or for that matter MRSM Muo (famous alumni: Big Dog, Sheikh Muszaphor Shukor). Strange, but I sometimes wonder where this old wives tales came from.. As a budak kolek, care to venture an opinion, Cap? So far, all the kolek people I know are rabid womanizers.. hahaa..

  11. Ahhh..yes, that's certainly good news, Capt. That's one source worth pursuing if the PAC were to complete their inquiries and provided the PAC gets hold of the full, unabridged report from the ACA.

    Meanwhile, I trust the final option (wink-wink) is under consideration, at least, until the current proceedings runs its course. I'm still working on the 'bisik-bisik' network and will update you when the time is right.

    Cheerio, yer Ol' Seadog.

  12. Mat Salo:

    Sorry I didnt care to dignify the stale shower jokes with a suitable response. We 'invented' these jokes more than 40 years ago. Sheesh.

    I believe even the word 'jambu' originated from the kolej's hallowed halls. But it is often misunderstood and we old boys share a life-long bond and camaraderie others can only hope to emulate. We should deal with facts, not assumptions and we shouldn't really givashit what others have been brainwashed to think.

  13. oh boi,thou art knot the only one to use 4-letter words! RPK does too, quite justified, right left or behind i don't cae. I am also wan -- those FFFF words! Chow! could belong as fowl lingo if folllowed by two more kantopop wordes!:)

    PS: When down in furong,let'smeetUP with Stu at Lingam's, fair dinkCOME!

  14. dream on guys, ACA investigating the PKFA scandal? look whos behind the company. tom, dick and harry?
    i wish i can be as optimistic as capt yusof but i have seen enough. the close-one-eye and mansion king buggers tell you all. investigating someone more high-up in UMNO hierachy than the two fellas, who were not even given a slap in the wrist. wishful thinking, readers.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Don;t get yr hope to high. Dato Hamid is meant to be Acting CJ by virtue of being President of the Court of Appeal.

    Sorry to quash you'll hope tooo high. He is no likely to be CJ for he is due to retire in 5 months. Perhaps he can get the six month extension, provide no one do a U Tube on him.

  17. I like that; ...we sailors can usually smell these types a mile away.

  18. Totally agree with you there. Anwar was, for a spell, my dorm prefect at Kolej. Nothing at that time, and in my knowing him subsequently, indicates that he could have done what he was accused of. Unless of course in addition to being an Oscar winning child actor, he was also an Oscar winning male actor in a lead role.

  19. NEXT QUESTION: Will you come to join Roslani and I next week at our usual? LETS MAKE IT A THREESOME.....for variety.

  20. zorro:

    Many thanks, sure why not.

    To the uninitiated: Roslani is Tok Mommy's other half. There's nothing unusual or kinky about our threesome.


  21. i am Datuk AH's daughter. i can confirm that he is NOT from MCKK. He went to school in Penang at St. Xaviers and St Marks High School, and the first Malay Head Boy there too.



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