Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Battle Lines are Drawn

(Photo courtesy Tony Yew)

About a year ago, former PM Tun Dr. Mahathir claimed that Malaysia is a 'police state', a charge vehemently denied by the Inspector-General of Police himself. But on Sunday, it took about 500 men-in-blue to police about 100 marchers celebrating UN World Human Rights Day in KL. The peaceful morning march was stopped and several lawyers and human rights activists were arrested. Malaysia not a police state? Then why the overkill?

The battle lines have now indeed been drawn. It is quite clear to all and sundry that the Pak Lah government have begun a crackdown on dissent. Charges are being framed against organisers of protests and demonstrations that have rocked the country in recent weeks and they include some leaders of the opposition parties. There is also the dark threat of the ISA. Obviously, this is a move to cow the general populace in a run up to general elections expected to be called anytime soon in the next few months.

Malaysiakini has quoted the prime minister as saying that he will not "shirk his sense of accountability to the greater public, especially in the face of 'police intelligence' about planned violence by the rally organisers." Police 'intelligence'? Thats a classic oxymoron* for sure.

* This doesn't mean 'stupid cow' either ...


  1. They doing a great job. The general populace is easily cowed. Let's see what the "cows" does at the ballot box, eh?

  2. You know what, Capt.

    AAB is doing an RDC gambit.

    LKY use to scare RDCians about us blokes taking em back and all that shit stuff.

    Here, it's the intelligence (?) gathered by the RMP on planned violence. They are capitalising big-time on the Hindraf memorandum plus Uthayakumar's statement in RDC, and extrapolating the same issue to apply on all the other assemblies.

    Simply put, the government is running scared with all these populist show of defiance. Hence, the overkill.

    On 9th December, the RMP deliberately allowed the walk to begin from Sogo with the 10 minute time-frame (now denied by the officer in charge). If the RMP was serious about maintaining order, they would have cordoned off the route at Sogo itself. Can the police provide any photographic or video evidence that this was done? All or any of such evidences will show quite the opposite.

    Police entrapment? It sure looks like it to me.

    *hmmm..cowymoron. Gotta think of an apt application*

  3. he probably just woke up and read the script prepared by his 4th floor boys. half the time, he doesnt know whats happening. the other half he is leeping peacefully. no wonder, he is now touted as the HAPPIEST PM in the history of malaysia.
    good luck malaysia where ever you are.

  4. Sad days indeed for Malaysia.
    In my opinion the events of the past few weeks have been gravely mishandled by the government and the law enforcement authorities.

    A mountain has grown from a molehill.
    William Shakespeare would call the government frenzy, "Much ado about Nothing".

    Intimidation, creating disruptive unnecessary roadblocks, selective arrests and prosecutions, and bullying will not work, in fact such actions are likely to aggravate the situation.

    The people's voices need to be heard, we do not live under a totalitarian dictatorship,led by control-freaks, do we?

  5. Captain,
    Should there be another march, we will ensure that we march in fours as 5 is the legal limit. Need to verify the legal distance from each group so that each group is considered a single entity and not a part of a larger group.
    That's how tough Malaysian laws are and they are enforced to the T. Where as murderers, robbers, rapist and drug pushers are having a good time doing their business as the top brass of the police force are too busy thinking on how best to prevent the populace from expressing their dissent.

  6. Thanks for the mention on the photo.
    This past few weeks, the most often heard phrase is "Bersurai, ini adalah perhimpunan haram!"
    Never have I felt so disgusted by the actions of the cops.
    Was there the other day, and when Latifah Koya approached the OC opposite sogo, he diod not say anything. When the group marched, the cops moved in. Also, the marchers could have easily skirted round this by walking 3 abreast, 6 ft apart. There is no way they can prove that we were assembling illegally.
    I suggest we all apply for police permits each time there are 3 or more of us gathering, be it for makan, shopping, etc. We are law abiding citizens after all....


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