Monday, December 10, 2007

Book Signing

(Photo courtesy Mat Salo)

I must confess that I have this morbid distaste for blogs with a black background and small white fonts and have been avoiding them like the plague. A bit hard on me tired old sailor's eyes, you see. So I have been quite guilty of not faithfully following Awang Goneng's blog Kecek-Kecek but was very glad to have met him at the Kinokuniya book store in KLCC yesterday and got him to autograph my copy of his book Growing Up in Trengganu. The book is essentially a collection of his blogs or a 'blook' (?). (Read Elviza's review, here.)

(The pretty cashier at the book store had rolled her eyes when I asked for a 'senior citizens' discount. Sheeesh.)

The occasion was a get-together of a few bloggers to fĂȘte our fellow blogger cum now published author and his wife Kak Teh of Choc-a-Blog, hosted by an old friend Jaflam of Jaff Point. It was also the couple's 28th wedding anniversary. Also present were Mat Salo, Zawi, Zabs, Elviza and her little boy Luqman, Dr. Bubbles, Akmal et al.


  1. Captain! berani dia rolled her eyes at you! Dia tak tahu you sapa.... hik hik hik hik...

    Pleasant sunday with you yesterday Sir

  2. Pak Yusof,

    Hahaha...I share your guilty sentiment on blog with black background and small white fonts.

    Glad to meet you mr ancient mariner although I must say you are not so ancient face-to-face.:)

  3. capt, you know we need a NEW KIND of Malaysian Politicians: straight talk,forward looking, honest and what have you? Knowing you all these years, may i suggest that you be a candidate for the coming election? You will bring more senses to the House than many current JOKERS who sway like lalang so long that the tune brings them benefits, legal or illegal; of course mostly the illegal types. What about it? Stand some where my old legs can reach,I could still sway a few votes, you know.

  4. Salam Captain,
    Glad to have accepted Jaflam invitation to the book signing session. It was a pleasure meeting you there. Agree with drbubbles about the not so ancient mariner tu. Have a good day Sir.

  5. Captain,
    I am glad to have met you in person. Now I know what you have been blogging is something close to your heart. At our age, what we are talking about isn't for ourselves but for the nation and our future generations. If you are offered a seat to contest, go ahead and do it but remember it wont be a fair game out there. The rule of the jungles applies.

  6. Glad you put the picture to good use Bang. Instead of lying in the digital dust somewhere.. Now gotta comment up there...

  7. Salam captain, glad to have met you in person. Thank you very much for being there and for the support, from both of us.


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